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Hey everybody! I thought in honor of Halloween I'd make a poll on horror movies, characters, etc. for 31 days! The second poll concerns an entire media; comic books! Please remember to vote and come back tomorrow!

Also if you choose the "Other..." option say in the comments what you're favorite is.

Poll #1 Best Vampire Film - Other (30 Days of Night). Interview With The Vampire and I Am Legend tied for second.

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Other: Twilight graphic novel, or if books are allowed Eclipse

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I wouldn't consider The Sandman horror, but if it's on a 'best' list I'm going to vote for it almost by default...

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Freddy vs Jason vs Ash
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@Icarusflies: At first I didn't but I think stories like 24 Hours kinda make it a horror comic.

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Tales From The Crypt.

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voted for Werewolf by Night classic read imo :)

ps-u need to post links for all ur horror polls ;)

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Voted Waking Dead but the TV series is better.