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George "Iceman" Chambers

Ivan Drago

Chambers is seeking to reclaim the title of heavyweight champion after defeating Boyka. He issues a challenge against Twister who, is accepting challenges from the United States in an attempt to reclaim the respect lost when he was defeated by Ip Man. Drago is somehow in the fight too.

  • Standard rules of boxing. Except there are 3 fighters
  • 12 3-minute rounds
  • Morals are as seen in the films

Who wins?

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Drago #1

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A three way match? Cool.

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I would think Ivan is a little too Strong... but it's possible Chambers could surprise him with his Speed...

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Can we have the 'Ving Rhames' version please

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Drago. I feel like the only reason he lost was because it was a movie lol