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I've seen that there are plenty of NFL football fans on the vine, and like most fans you all think you know a think or two about fantasy football. Since I will be doing my usual league with friends and family, I thought I should make one for Comicvine was well.

So anyone on CV can join. ESPN will be the site that will be used for this tournament. I don't know how many people will be allowed to join the league, I'm thinking between 12 to 14 users since I don't like having the league too high in users. So that means a first come first serve rule of users who want to participate. Once we have a all the users set I will make the league and PM you with the password to join the league. One team per user, I don't want multiple teams held by one user. The draft will be held after the 3rd preseason game.

Don't think I need to mention it, but we are playing for bragging rights here.

So comment down below if you want to sign up for it. You can also use this thread to discuss anything and everything about this years fantasy football, smack talk to other users, or just talk in general about the up coming season.

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I'll join.

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Interesting... I would like to join.

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too bad it wasn't on yahoo. i'm familiar with only the yahoo leagues

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@daredevildd78: Well most leagues on different sites are the same. ESPN has it where a TD is 6 points, every 10 rushing yards is 1 point every 10 rec yards is 1 point, extra points are 1 point and depending on the lenght of the FG it can change how many points you get for a FG. It's not that too different from other site's standard leagues.

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I'm down...if you don't mind me kicking your guys asses

lol jk, but no seriously I've won my fantasy league two years straight now

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I'll join

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@jphu8414: Lol I totally forgot about this. I took a mini vacation from the site and I already did my family and friends draft, not really in the mood to do another one. But feel free to use this thread to ask other users if they still want to go through with it and make it happen, bit don't count me in on it. Cheers.