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Tell me what you guys think:

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Readitnow with another comment :) Lol you must know I'm a big fan by now. Doing another skit for the 2000 subscriber would be cool. Prize? Lol if I won , I would just want to chat with you over coffee or a vitamin water if image it back to ny for a convention. Well but you do have a couple of awesome prize packages as well. Last thing I want to say.... Honestly, your vids are the prize. I had a bummer of a day today. I read some news, check out some comic web sits.. But still needed some more relax time.. So... I headed over to your reviews :) Thanks for doing your videos every week. Your awsome

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@ReadItNow: Thank you for always commenting and watching my vids! Always appreciate some feedback on my videos. Glad I made you have a better day. If you watch my mother versus videos you probably realize I always like to make people smile and try to entertain people. The contest is already over, but love your answers. I hope to make my 2000 Sub vid a good one that everyone can enjoy.