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There's a movie called "The Unstoppable", which is basically about these group of people who move into a huge mansion. After staying there for awhile, weird stuff been happening like tremors moving the entire mansion every 20 minutes through the film, but the tremors get bigger and bigger every time. By the time people figure it out, a giant 15 foot red looking entity swiftly barges in the mansion but it is moving so fast and the debris it causes makes it difficult to see. But the entity is snatching each of the people in the mansion one by one. You would hear screams of the victims later and then find their bodies in different rooms inside the mansion. But this thing is looking for someone in particular, "brother..." it whispers throughout the movie... and the audience is forces under the suspense on who this character is. Well, eventually two people ended up being the last in the house, and the entity briefly exposes itself, being a 15 foot red giant with a huge red head... But some might wonder if it is just a dome shaped helmet on a giant man. The two (male character and female character) eventually run for their lives, but the big red machine is tearing down walls as though it were paper.... But is so happens that the male main character happens to be a psychic and the woman, not much none about her yet until she somehow teleports her and the male to some reality far far away from the red entity.... However, only minutes passed and the entity busted through the reality wall into their current reality and grabs the man by the legs and crushes them. The entity grew up to 200 feet and was going to step on the man until the woman transformed into a fire looking type bird and blew the head off of the entity... but the Entity did not vanish, it seemed as though another head was there but smaller than the giant red dome that used to e the head! Seconds after, the man uses his psychic ability to jump inside the soul of the entity and it so happens that the "brother" that this Unstoppable Entity as looking for was the Psychic! And after exposing a litte bit of this and a little it of that, the Entity vanishes... During the end of the movie, the man became wheel-chaired bound for the rest of his life as a result of having his legs crushed by the entity., The man and woman escape the reality they were on and find a new mansion to live in... The ending pretty much suggested that there will be a part 2 to this movie...

This was one of the scariest movies I have ever seen! I'd probably give it a 9/10.

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I didn't hear about this movie. Is it a new movie that came out or did you just watch this film on Netflix or something?

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Some strange rip off of Proff X, Jean and Juggernaught? Or random story you just made up?