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Looks like he's dawned some monkish threads. Guess we'll see if this is the real deal or yet another alternate reality Kurt.

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We'll have to see, and ask the same about the not quite so Superior looking Peter. Can we have Two Spidermen at once in 616?

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I just read that he will be coming back in a new book the amazing x-men in November and this is the best news I have herd in a long time. Who else is excited to get our fuzzy elf back

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im pretty excited to have Kurt back, the X-men feel as though theyve been missing something these last couple years.

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Kurt has always been the X-Men's little Jiminy Cricket that sat on most characters shoulders. They could use him again for sure.

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I think many things are going to be altered because of the timequake from AoU.

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So who's team is he going to join?

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He technically came back on Uncanny X-Force (I am aware of the details), so I don't give a $#!%.

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