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The Good

This is Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey's final issue of MOON KNIGHT. Yes, that is a sad thing but holy $#!% is this an amazing book. I wasn't sure what to expect in their final issue and they managed to catch me off guard.

In a first for this volume, Ellis actually takes a tiny thread from the first issue. There's someone that encountered Moon Knight (or Mr. Knight) and soon formed their own agenda. What we witness is an extreme metamorphosis with this character. The reasoning is easily justified and explained within one page. We've seen characters become obsessed and go through their changes but this just has a different feel to it. There has been the occasional disturbing things in this comic but witnessing this transformation is messed up. That's what makes this a wonderful end to Ellis and Shalvey's run. It's not your typical MOON KNIGHT comic, even if each of their issues has had different feels to them.

Shalvey's art is top notch, as usual. Seeing the change a character goes through, you can really feel them changing. It's almost scary, but not in a horror-type fashion. There's definitely some psychological issues going on and Shalvey captures the journey perfectly.

And then there's Jordie Bellaire. Bellaire's colors always impress. We get some gorgeous scenes that cover a variety of places. The way she shifts from the darkness of a person's home to a bright restaurant to the coming of the night in the city, it's almost mesmerizing. There's also some great explosions, flames, and gunfire that are almost brought to life with Bellaire's colors.

The Bad

Of course we're all bummed Ellis and Shalvey are leaving. There might be some anger over their decision to leave but realistically, we should all be so grateful for what they've given us. Let's not forget Bellaire is staying on to be the glue between the arcs. We do get a preview for the next issue here so we can remain positive.

The Verdict

Bravo to Ellis, Shalvey, and Bellaire. Like many others, I didn't this final issue of their run to come. Reading it, you can put down the issue with a smile on your face. It's a great story showing us another aspect of the world Moon Knight lives in. I've been a Moon Knight fan for so long. I cannot express how thrilled and privileged I feel having had these six issues. It's been a joy to read them and I'm even looking forward to the next issue. MOON KNIGHT is definitely the series everyone should be reading. I can't wait to read them all over again.

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Saddened to see the creative team leaving this, it's pretty much the best Moon Knight story I've ever read, my only minor gripe was that the first six issues felt a bit like a series of one-shots rather than a large overarching story,The preview at the end looked solid though so I'll be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

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Really nice bookend to the Ellis/Shalvey run. Now I wanna go back and reread all six issues again.

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Warren Ellis wherever you are...I wanna thank you for giving my life meaning again..

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I really warmed up to this over 6 issues, but the preview of the new team's direction looks like crap to me. There's too many boring "gritty, street-level crimefighting/secret agent" books by Marvel and it looks like this is going to become yet another.

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"I never want to be loved. That's why I always win."


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Ah, so sad, but what an incredible run and fantastic ending. It's amazing how much character, not necessarily development, but definition, they have given him in just six issues. On top of that, it was all done with incredibly minimal dialogue. This is top of the craft comic book work from the entire creative team. This arc has become immediate Essential Moon Knight reading. I'm going to miss Ellis and Shalvey, but am willing to give the next team a fair shake. Now, it's going to be a long wait for their new book "Injection" to start.

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Annnd now Moon Knight shall be canceled. :P

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Great issue. I'm having high hopes for the new creative team.

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I think Shalvey might be doing some covers in the future too unless some of the solicits I read were wrong.

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I want this so freaking bad, but its sold out at my regular stores.

I'm going to stick with this book during the next creative team's run though. I'd feel horrible not even giving them a chance.

Also, tony liked this so much he had to censor himself :O

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@ostyo said:

Annnd now Moon Knight shall be canceled. :P

over under it lasting 12 more issues?

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@fallschirmjager: No idea. I hope it does well, but the character seems to be cursed with bad luck.

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I think these writers have got a good thing going with one-shots. Here's hoping this doesn't become a traditional ongoing. These were some of the best stories since the 70 issue Jonah Hex run before it became All Star Western. Those 70 issues were one shots (for the most part) and there was not a single bad issue, and at least 60/70 were not just good, they were phenomenal.

Love me some Moon Knight, and I love that it's one shots.

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I'm simply glad to have Moonknight back who isn't a psychopath or has heroes in his brain. Just give me my classic Moon Knight, I have no idea why that was so much to ask for. Loving this series.

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What an amazing issue! Seeing Marlene and Frenchie again was the icing on the cake. I hope, despite their feelings towards Marc/Moon Knight that they play a larger role in the coming issues.

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This run was brief but incredible. It feels like they've set the bar a bit too high for new creative teams. If I had one complaint it's that they overused the Mr. Knight character and we got very little of the other aspects of Khonshu. Don't get me wrong, I love the Mr. Knight motif and think it's super cool but ugh I wanted to see more of Ellis' interpretation of the other costumed forms of Moon Knight. All things considered for such a such run at the very least we get Queen of Colors Jordie Bellaire to stay on the book.

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this run was fun, but not satisfying for someone new to the charecter.

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this run was fun, but not satisfying for someone new to the charecter.

You make a good point. I'm new to the character myself, and while I enjoyed this arc immensely, I hope the new team focuses a little bit more on Moon Knight's character so that I can really get a grasp on who he is, what he stands for, etc.

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I loved his speech at the end. You forget that Moon Knight hasn't had a book since Echo died, and you really haven't seen how her dying has effected him.

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agreed. i was really hoping that warren ellis would give us newbies more as far as who specter is, but i still liked the run. im confident that the new team will catch us up

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I need this collected in a hardcover!

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Sad to see the Ellis run ending, it was SOOO good. I liked MK before but I'm a even bigger fan now and I'm looking forward to what the next team will bring.

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Never was MK's fan and even after this six issues I still don't like him. Yes, Warren Ellis run is great, smart, etc but it was supposed to be. If not him there is nobody who can write a good comic book. And it doesn't matter which character he uses - Ant-man, Batgirl, Elektra, whoever. Great writer did great job, simple.

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this series is awesome. At first I wandered around yelling "Honey, WHERE'S MY SUPER SUIT?!", But the series has grown on me a lot. Even if the art is lil off I hope they're able to keep the story quality.

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This run made me wish for more "one-and-done" style issues. Similar to Ellis' run on Secret Avengers, a reader doesn't need to be familiar with the preceding issue to understand what is going on. Those that have been following the series can see where the stories are connected, but it's not necessary to be familiar with the previous issues to enjoy the current one. I wish Marvel would do more of these kind of titles.

Hopefully the next creative team will be allowed to maintain the same approach (I know they are going to start with one-and-done but who knows how long it will be before Moon Knight gets a multi-part crossover with whatever). I'm going to keep this title on my pull list and will stay optimistic that the quality will not dip.

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All I can keep thinking is Marvel had better put this arc together in a hardcover collection or I'm going to be extremely disappointed.

Having the trades to re-read issues is fantastic and this arc was so phenomenal it definitely deserves hardcover status on my book shelf.

Edit - totally seconding @fenderxx comment above!

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I really enjoyed this series

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I came on to this series late. I bought issue #1 the day it released, but haven't read it. Then after hearing numerous great things I picked up issue #5 and read that. It was so great! Then I went and tracked down the other issues. I still have to read the first issue. Weird order to read them in...5,2,3,4,6,1. I'll read them again in order someday.

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When a writer makes you fall in love with a character, what more higher praise can you pile on them? Superb ending to an intended finite run.

On to Wood. It's going to be great.

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Really liked this run. Ellis created a great tone for MK's return. Gave him some much needed depth, filled in a few blanks (and intelligently I might add) with regards him developing more than a few alter egos.

Liked how each book stood on its own while adding to the overall characterization, ethos and new spin on the return of Marc Spector.

I would think it awesome were Ellis to take a serious run at a Wolverine arc (yes, yes, I said that) while pretending he actually liked the character (despite his overall distaste for "supers").

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The creative team are leaving Moon Knight? NOOOO!!!!

Even though I really like this run and Moon Knight is one of my favourite characters of all time, It's probably gonna get canceled. :(

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This issue is one of my favorite Comics that I've read in 2014! Hate to see Ellis/Shalvey leaving but I'll keep it on my pull list (the preview of #7 looked pretty good to me).