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As some of the cinematic Avengers move towards completing their trilogies, Marvel Studios is looking to push new characters into the forefront. We know they'll soon introduce the world to the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange, but who else do they want to bring front and center? There's a lot of great characters that are more than deserving of the attention, but this week, we wanted you to select between five somewhat reasonable options: Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Hulk, and the Inhumans. So, which choice takes the top spot after a week of voting? Well, it looks like the voters really want to see....

T'challa, a.k.a. Black Panther!

The cosmic cinematic universe is growing at such a fast rate, so why not expand what's going on across Earth, too? Wakanda could be a real treat to witness and its society's technological advancements could be quite cool to see on the big screen. Plus, let's be blunt: Black Panther is awesome. He's a ridiculously talented fighter, has a beyond gifted mind, and seeing his costume -- claws and all -- would be glorious, especially when he's potentially standing shoulder to shoulder with Captain America and others. There's so much potential with T'Challa and it would give audiences the chance to become immersed in a whole new location and, of course, boost the character's popularity. Here's hoping Marvel Studios agrees with the voters! Now, let's see the complete poll results.

  • Black Panther 36%
  • Captain Marvel 28%
  • Inhumans 15%
  • Hulk 13%
  • Black Widow 8%

The community has been chatting about these choices since Monday, so let's see what some of them said.


"Chose Captain Marvel. Would love to see Carol Danvers on the big screen, either as Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel. However, I would love to see all of the above get a solo film, especially T'Challa."


"Captain Marvel, although Black Panther would be a close second. Both have the potential to succeed in stand alone movies but, perhaps more importantly, their inclusion would be add a great deal to the MCU as a whole. Danvers in particular has always seemed like a logical and interesting addition to the roster of the movie Avengers."


"CAROL. No questions asked I want a Carol Danvers movie. (Big Shock) I'm a die hard Carol fan, and this would probably be the best thing on the world to hear. But it would not only be the best thing for me and all members of the Carol Corps, it would also be a tremendous gain for Marvel Studios. They are sorely lacking in the female superhero department. I mean, they just have Black Widow and soon to be Scarlet Witch. That's two. How many men are there? More than two. A good amount of women go see these Marvel movies and enjoy them just as much! How cool would it be for these women to discover a female (super-powered) hero they would look up to or for even the men to cheer as she goes toe to toe with Thor or gives a snarky comeback to Tony Stark. Carol simply is the epitome of badass-ery. She has a fun-loving soul, yet a strong will and constitution to do what's right and protect those around her. Think of a cross between Tony and Steve.

BUT WAIT! As those infomercials would say, "That's not all!", introducing Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel into the mix would bring in the Kree and help expand on Marvel's growing cosmic universe. She would appear in the next Guardians movie, fighting alongside Drax or Groot, and then ultimately appear in Avengers 3, battling the cosmic threat of Thanos. See? Introducing Carol is not only good for ticket sales and fan and casual appeal, but for the young universe Marvel is attempting to expand upon.

And that, is why a Captain Marvel movie, is my choice for what I want to see…. You hear me Marvel? MannEffest wants a Captain Marvel movie :p"


"I voted for Black Panther. Like GoTG it would open up a whole new world for the MCU. Wakanda itself will be glorious to behold with it's mix of tribal and high-tech culture. I really look forward to seeing that world brought to life, not to say the least about the character and his supporting characters and enemies.

My choices for T'Challa are: Chadwick Boseman, Aldis Hodge, and Blessing Mokogohloa (from Spartacus War of the Damned). I always wanted Djimon Honsou, but now that he's in GoTG that won't be happening. I'd love to see Kevin Greivoux as Man-Ape."

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Meh... I wasn't really interested in this voting anyway. But nice to hear.

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Black Panther 10000% do you hear Marvel?? ^_^

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I have to admit I'm not that hyped about any of the choices above. However if I had to vote for one it would be Hulk with Black Widow in close second. Captain Marvel could be cool but I've never really been interested in Black Panther or the Inhumans.

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I voted Black Panther since BP is a total badass and my favorite Avenger outside of Cap and Thor, but Black Widow really does deserve her own movie. Maybe a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie? That would rock.

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I liked him in EMH, but I haven't read anything with him.

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I voted for Inhumans, but Black Panther was my second choice.

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didnt vote but I'm glad bp won the poll

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Cool to see, either he get his own movie or appears in the next Captain America movie. There's just such a rich mythos there to explore such as Wakanda and Vibranium that it would be great to see that on the big screen.

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An understandable outcome. If there's one other character on the list I want to see in a Marvel movie, it's Black Panther. His backstory is intriguing, his world can tap into a new area of the Marvel universe and T'Challa is a damn cool character. He should get a Marvel film at some point in the future and there have been some Wakandan related teasers in some Marvel films.

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Only way it should of ended.

I honestly expected this to be between Black Panther and Hulk.

So koodos to Capt. Marvel.

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People would rather see an Inhumans movie than Black Widow? Psshhh...

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SUHWEET!! My comment got chosen again!! Week just got better!!! But all that aside....


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Agreed. This guy ran circles around the Fantastic 4 just for practice! IN HIS FIRST APPEARANCE! (...I think) If that doesn't earn someone a movie, I don't know what will.

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Captain Marvel, Panther, and Hulk all deserve a movie in my book.

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Good stuff. Panther is beyond due to get his cinematic treatment.

Captain Marvel, Panther, and Hulk all deserve a movie in my book.

I'd like to see a Hawkeye/Widow movie too.

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@risingbean: In my post in the vote thread earlier this week I talked about how I'd only want a Widow film if it was Widow and Hawkeye. The two obviously have a long standing history and some amusing war stories so that'd be cool to see.

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I'm still sat here waiting for The Runaways.

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@granitesoldier: You are on the same page as me then. Their interaction aboard the Helicarrier was the best talky scene in Avengers as far as I'm concerned.

I'm thinking something that uses their origins as a springboard so we can jump back and forth between the present and the past. That level of complexity is something Marvel has yet to do with it's cinematic properties.

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Voted for Hulk and I still say the Hulk needs a new movie now that they can expand upon the character given in the Avengers to showcase the multifaceted Hero known to the comic readers.

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Hulk needs a movie. Ruffalo as the Hulk, this time.

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I've been shouting for a Black Panther movie since 2007. But I voted for the Inhumans. I pictured something like Clive Barker's Nightbreed with a big budget and on the moon. That gets me really excited.

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G0 Panther!!!

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Black Panther and Captain Marvel both deserve a movie at this point. So no complaints from me on poll results.

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Captain Marvel with Inhumans...

There is bandwagon for a Black Widow solo movie (i like Black Widow, hate the idea) but the MCU real fans want so see Carol Danvers...

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@TheMetalGearZero: thanks so much for letting us know this important piece of information

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I'm upset that Carol lost, but I'm fine with Black Panther winning. Surprised Hulk got so few votes.

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Black Panther starring Idris Elba!

But I find it odd that Widow hasn't gotten a sniff at a film yet, you would figure they would go with the safe money and make a film with Johansson as the lead

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Isnt that form comic series that hurt Black Panther and Storm and their relationship´s popularity ?

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I said it before, say it now. I want Black Panther, and as a second choice, Moon Knight. You will nab so many Batman fans by making it happen.

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someone needs to forward this to marvel

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I liked him in EMH, but I haven't read anything with him.

Really? If you liked him in EMH then you would definitely like him in the comics. The whole story in EMH with Man-Ape, though a bit different, was in the Avengers comics and an amazing story. If you're able, I'd suggest grabbing some of the Avengers Essentials that have him in it. Great character.

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The King stands tall!

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I dont know how many people voted, but I kinda love how, despite shoe-horning her into 2 other movies, no one really wants Widow. I feel she was the worst part of CA2. Her role should have been, either agent13 to develop Cap's non-existing romance, or Falcon, to give the new guy some more focus. But no, they gave it to Widow because they know her solo movie would kill Marvel's momentum & ruin the franchise.

Why no Hawkeye? are they afraid that they cant compete with the awesomness of Arrow-TV?

& speaking of, & this is why I am warry of Flash-TV, same with Smallville's problems, TV is good for the grounded, power-less, or lower-powered heroes. BW would be a good TV show. Hell, Marvel is doing a Agent-Carter show. Which bring us back to, Agents of Shield being a piece of garbage for 9-10 episodes, I stopped watching at the Thor tie-in episode, & still do plan to catch up if it is posted to Netflix, but BW, Hawkeye, others should have been what AOS was about. & have a larger cast that they rotate characters & not only fill in between movies, but to also expose us to characters to make us want to see them get movies.

Also, dont shoe-horn everyone into the same movie universe. Unless they are going to be doing a different movie every 6 months, it'll take too long. Have this shared universe, & then start on a second one, maybe with Blade & Dr Strange, & have it be more mystic & fantasy based. Avengers on one side, MidnightSons on the other.

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I agree with this, Black Panther and Captain Marvel are most definitely over due...

However the movie I MOST want to see is what can be done with Moon Knight on the big screen. After the Winter Solider writers said they would like to tackle Moon Knight next that's what I'd like to see. Ancient locales, mysticism, brutal action with a dark psychological twist, kinda like a Winter Soldier/ Indiana Jones/ Fight Club/ Batman Begins mashup ... Yeah most unlikely but that's what I think I'd like to see the most right now.

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Anybody else vote for Black Widow because she's REALLY attractive? I mean I'd want to see two hours of… THAT.

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@vitalius said:


Isnt that form comic series that hurt Black Panther and Storm and their relationship´s popularity ?

I don't even know. Just found it on Google.

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Yes! Marvel please listen and give us fans a Panther movie!

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A proper Punisher movie is what I want. All we've gotten so far is 3 terrible movies. He'll probably show up on one of the netflix shows first. Come on Marvel.

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Yes I need that Black Panther movie ASAP! There's so much stuff they can do with his story.

HM. Captain Marvel or Moon Knight would be crazy too.

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Meh. 10 char.

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While I appreciate the love for Carol Danvers I don't understand the whole thing about she deserves a movie or she's long overdue.The general public has absolutely no clue who she is. Not to mention she has only fairly recently gotten the (Long over due) respect and (much deserved) spotlight from Marvel. I would have rathered seen a Capt.Marvel movie than a GOTG movie.

The Black Panther is the logical choice for a movie. He is well known enough in the general public that the movie would be profitable.He kicks ass.You can introduce vibranium,Wakanda,Klaw,The Man-Ape tribe.

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tchalla for life. lol

#48 Posted by Winter_Kills (903 posts) - - Show Bio


T'Challa is DA MAN. Marvel should get a movie out ASAP!

#49 Posted by Jayc1324 (15642 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Panther FTW!!

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Captain Marvel is the obvious choice in my opinion especially with so many wanting a strong female hero starring role. Carol Danvers in an Avenger with ties to the Guardians so it makes even more sense. I am not a Black Panther hater just have never read any of his comics mainly because they aren't making any Black Panther comics. So its Captain Marvel for me , hell i'd rather see a Ms. Marvel movie than Black Panther because that comic series is just so much fun.