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Poll: who is marvels champion? (24 votes)

captain America 42%
iron man 4%
thor 21%
hulk 8%
that guy with the s on his underwear i think or belt 4%
hercules 0%
others... 21%

this only gets asked for dc and im surprised this has never been asked for marvel it could be any of them in my eyes so im not going to vote

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What does 'champion' mean?

Within the Marvel U itself? Probably Cap.

Representing the real-world face of the company and being the financial champion? Probably Spidey.

The current financial champion? Probably Tony.

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Captain America is undoubtedly Marvel's champion.

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Captain America is undoubtedly Marvel's champion.

Surprised you didn't say Wolverine haha.

But yeah, Capt America is Marvel's Champion

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Champion- champion of the universe is his name and job description.

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Nova Richard Rider. He died saving the universe. Or has everyone forgot already?

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"On Olympus, we measure Wisdom against Athena, Speed against Hermes, Power against Zeus. But we measure Courage... against Captain America"- Hercules, Captain America #444

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Do you mean "flagship character"? Because that's been Spider-Man since, like, forever. And Wolverine arguably since his popularity explosion.

It's only recently with the Marvel film-verse that Avengers characters have been promoted more.