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@maccyd said:

Should make another alternate universe ala Ultimate comics cause even that has a decade of history at this stage. Also isn't the ultimate line rumoured to be ending soon.

Well Bendis has hinted that Galactus might go NomNom it so yeah I guess it would but.......this is Bendis we're talking about.

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I think that they should just do it to get rid of all the endless baggage that they have for all most every character it would be great.

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Hell no. I don't want to see my favorite characters have their extensive histories thrown in the trash.

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Not all the comics but some maybe beasides you have comic vine and wikias for try to catch up to the continuity plus i was really mad whet they rebooted spiderman i have enough with that

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Hope they do.If Bruce needed New 52 to become Batman again,i hope the same for Peter.

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I hate the new 52 to be honest. They skipped so many things that were important to many characters origns and such. There were just to lazy to actually develop the characters again.

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I would. It's what ultimate tried to do except it's a different universe and it appears they jacked it all up

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Hell No!

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Now? No. However it could be needed in the future. Especially with the X-Men. There's just too much baggage going on with some characters. Also, it can be a fresh take to certain heroes. And it can also be a great chance to give different heroes a chance to shine. I don't say, just make an alternative universe, because those don't really go too well (see DC's crises). Trust me, a reboot won't come any time soon, but will probably be a good idea in the future.

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Hell no.

This. can you imagine what they would do to characters? all you have to think of is the "ultimate" series.



just awful.