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So i have been really thinking about who marvel "heavy" hitters are. Now i am not really considering this in terms of "draw" power or popularity but I mean true powerful characters. I got this Idea from spiderman big time where spidey says hes not a heavy hitter like thor or ironman and that got me think about ironman as a "heavy hitter" and of course that Got me think of the what i consider superhero heavy hitters and this just about all the Justice League of America.....minus batman. 
After some discussion with firends the opinion of a marvel heavy hitter was really varied! so I bring to yall.  
Now just for fun please no Wanda or cosmic "god" like beings cause just destroying reality is way beyond a powerhouse thats too much.
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Ok let's go.

Obscur character but my favourite (level between Herald and Galactus).
Mrrungo Mu

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Thor, Hulk, Hercules, Drax(dumb/classic), Gladiator, Sentry, Hyperion, Blue Marvel, Namor, Silver Surfer, Thanos, Champion, Thor Girl, Black Bolt, Nova, Wonder man, Beta Ray Bill, Thunder strike, Abomination, Red Hulk, Skaar, Adam warlock(as HIM), Kurse, Juggernaut, Mangog, The destroyer, etc.  
 but it really depends on who you consider a heavy hitter. how strong are you talking?  
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rough draft:

Earth's Heroes (Nothing cosmic, nothing villainous)

10. Cypher--understands codes to extreme extent, x-man and new mutant
9.   Amadeus Cho--super intelligence, friends of Asgard
8.  Collective Man--Chinese hero, very powerful 
7.  Red Guardian/Vanguard--repels any object, telepathically resistant, one of Russia's superhero heads 
6.  Thor--head of Asgard, very powerful
5.  Hulk--the strongest one there is
4.  Red Hulk--like a hulk, but more controllable
3.  Nova--one of the most powerful and most practically powered, not an uncontrollable monster (Hulk)
2.  Psylocke--telepathy, and the X-Force 
1.  Emma Frost--controls X-Men, telepathy can solve most problems most easily.
more later
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Black Bolt

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Bump, i would like to hear some more

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Sentry, Hulk, Magneto, Black Bolt, Thor and I have to put Iron Man on the list.

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50 off the top of my head...  
Absorbing Man  
Adam Warlock  
Beta Ray Bill  
Black Bolt   
Blue Marvel 
Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell & Genis-Vell)     
Dr. Doom  
Dr. Strange 
Ghost Rider 
Juggernaut / Colossus  
Morgan Le Fay
Ms. Marvel 
other Heralds: Firelord, Morg, Redshift, Stardust, Terrax  
Rachel Summers
Red Hulk  
Silver Surfer  


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These 2.

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Nice choices

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Blue Marvel for sure. Sentry needed the help of the Avengers(back when Wonder Man was on the team to, and Wonder Man is arguably as strong as Sentry) and was still hardly able to score a win off this guy. I really don't understand how Cap hasn't reached out to this titan of a man yet. You'd think after Fear It's Self Cap would of gotten word of where Blue Marvel was hanging out.

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blue marvel for sure.

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Blue marvel,thor,blackbolt,hulk,apocolypse,silver srfer,nova,wonderman,spiderman,sentry they have plenty more

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Nova, sentry, silver surfer, thor, blue marvel and Hulk...

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& don't forget Gladiator

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My Video answers this question :D

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@violet_eyed_dragon: Neither Psylocke nor Emma Frost could justifiably be called heavy-hitters.

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I really only know the X-men side of Marvel so...

Wiccan (Since OP said no Wanda... and maybe he might be a tad bit toned down compared to his mother)
I could see Dust becoming a powerhouse

From what I know of the rest of the Marvel universe... their powers don't seem to be quite as hard hitting as some of the mutants.

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Without getting crazy with obscure characters, sticking mostly to heroes and in no particular order:

  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Silver Surfer

are probably the biggest names, most consistent and most prolific. Honourable mention to Hercules but hes a little limited in versatility compared to these others (and raw power in comparison to the Hulk). Actually he probably makes the cut on second thought.

Someone like Iron Man doesnt quite reach the status of heavy hitter IMO but then again it depends on the context. For someone like Spiderman he most definitely could be.

Some other names who have been less consistent presences over the years but are pretty prominent currently:

  • Red Hulk
  • Hyperion
  • Blue Marvel
  • Blackbolt

Some others who are undoubtedly powerful (sometimes a little more periodically) but due to the nature of their powers are less likely to be played up as "powerhouses":

  • Dr Strange
  • Professor X

Sometimes these guys are uber, other times they are mostly good for facilitating the work of other teams and "powerhouses".

Im not really considering people like

  • Starbrand (too new and powerlevel may be beyond conventional heroes)
  • Blue Marvel (too new/obscure)
  • Sentry (mostly not a hero and powerlevel generally beyond conventional hero status)
  • WonderMan (had a decent push lately but mostly a jobber)