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Thanks to the movies Wolverine,Iron Man and Captain America.In comics Wolverine,Spiderman and Iron Man

You don't think the Spider-Man films are still a force to be reckoned with?

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@fodigg: It reforced the spider man comics before but i´m saying that rigth now with the reboot of the movies maybe they screwd the thing a little.After saying that it was nice to see Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane and following the cotinuity

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Iron Man, Iron Man, Iron Man

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Spiderman, Wolverine, and Iron Man.

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If we go popularity wise:

Spiderman Wolverine Iron Man

Or story wise (most debatable as it completely ignores xmen fantastic four and defenders):

Captain America Thor Iron Man

And if we go team wise (soneone once said that marvel trinity lies in teams):

Avengers Xmen Fantastic 4

But what does this all say? Marvel has no established trinity.

Although I have seen spidey and iron man on almost every app merchandise major cross over cover etc. So we can be sure of these two.

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Marvel don't have a "trinity"...

It is all fan opinion

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The Iconic Marvel Trinity (based on popularity/recognizability/sales/merchandising)

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Hulk
  3. Captain America

The Marvel Trinity within the 616 Universe (based on established mythos)

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Thor

The Current Marvel Trinity (based on popularity/sales/merchandising)

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Wolverine
  3. Iron Man

most accurate

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This for me :

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I don't really think Marvel has a Trinity equivalent... To be honest, DC's is really more about longevity of the characters as SM, BM and WW are the only comics that continually published since the inception of comics. They are also representative of Magic, Science and Humantiy, although this concept varies over time as writers change etc... Regardless, the Trinity represent the structure of DC's publishing and how they tend to organize groups of comics and coordinate crossovers and such.

I'd say the Marvel universe really centers around groups rather than individual characters ... Thus you loosely have the Avengers corner of Marvel, the Xmen corner, the Hulk corner and the Spider corner. You can see blocks of comics related to these micro-universes and it's the most natural starting place for most line-wide crossovers and such. If you really want to pic characters I'd say Spider-Man, Hulk, Cap and Wolverine are the cornerstones although Cap/Ironman/Thor are somewhat interchangeable in this role IMO a.

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Guys, let's be honest, it's Spider-man, Wolverine, and Hulk. Those three are easily the most recognizable Marvel heroes EVER.

People like Iron Man or Captain America have only recently become A-listers.

#63 Posted by jhazzroucher (18445 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-man, Wolverine and Storm

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@symbioticspider-man: Wolverine didn't even become really popular until the 90's. Captain America and Ironman were A listers long before even most comic readers knew who Wolverine was. Same goes for Thor.

#65 Posted by SymbioticSpider-Man (3535 posts) - - Show Bio

@spambot: Not 100% sure about Cap, but Iron Man wasn't an A-lister until recently. Also, in terms of recognizability, Spider-man, Wolverine, and Hulk are top dogs.

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@symbioticspider-man: That's prob only because you don't remember. I am old, I remember. Marvel has never really had a defining hero the way DC has Superman and Batman. Its a list heroes back in the day though were Cap America, Spiderman, Hulk and Ironman. They all had their own cartoons and tv shows long before 99% of the public had any idea who Wolverine is/was. You could prob say the FF too but then the X-men kept growing in popularity until they came on equal footing to the FF and Avengers in the 90's.

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Marvel is flexible which its why its provides more for fans than DC. I don't hate DC i just hate the batman hype and its fans.

DC its just batman

Marvel: it can be anyone. Even spidey will allow others to shine unlike batman.

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The current big 3:


Wolverine dead or alive

Robert Downey Jr.

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Iron Man captain America and Dr Strange

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Marvel is so diverse that I don't think they have a "Big 3".

They have the Illuminati (Mr. Fantastic/Black Bolt/Iron Man/Charles Xavier/Namor/Dr. Strange) They represent every major family that comprises the Marvel Universe and there isn't a story that is published that doesn't involve them in some part

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X-Book, Avengbooks, Spiderbooks.

Was going to put Fantastic Four above Spiderbooks but not so sure anymore.

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Spider-Man, Ironman, and Wolverine.

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Although Spider-Man & Wolverine are my favourite characters, whenever I hear "Marvels Trinity" these 3 pop into my mind.

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@z3ro180 said:

@veshark: No He is right that's the reason for the DCU's big three.

As for marvel in the universe their big 3 are Steve Rogers , Iron-man and Thor but in popularity it's Spiderman , iron-man and wolverine

This is what I hate about Marvel in comparison to DC. Instead of making Spidey part of the Big 3 in universe as well (like how DC's 3 most popular are their Big 3), they keep regressing him to the point of no-return and wanking their Iron Man, Cap, and Thor.

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And the Oscar goes to:

By Popularity: Iron Man·Spider-Man·Wolferine (with Hulk & Thor)

By Strength:HULK· Juggernaut·Thor (& Sentry)

Best Actor:Stan Lee ;)