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...just about every Marvel character so far, really. Just wondered why? DC made Supes pretty powerful towards the end of MOS and even gave Green Lantern some pretty freakin' good power showings in the otherwise disastrous GL movie, but Marvel downplayed the strength and power of Thor, Iron Man and Spiderman in their last movie outings. The Mark Ruffalo Hulk was perhaps the closest to his comic equivalent. Is Marvel afraid to let them really cut loose? I mean we had Thor hiding from a machine gun in that aircraft hanger scene in the Avengers movie

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http://m.collider.com/collider/#!/entry/joss-whedon-talks-shield-consulting-for-marvel-hulk-spinoff-movies,51852519da27f5d9d0ba2951/3 Whedon answers your question perfectly, apart from Batman who fits better as a Marvel charecter anyway all the others are to far above us, superman, Wonderwoman, green lanter... The issue isn't that they are weaker, it's that if they were stronger then the films would be as bad as superman and green lanter.

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Because Marvel planned for the Avengers and didn't want to have huge power differences so them being a team is believable. Batman and Superman being a team is less believable.

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i think for them to be more relateable. as while to have a more in-dept story, plus most people don't want to see a character come and destroy things and then wins. if you want to see that, go see a batman movie.

i personally don't know but marvel does a good job at it. although Fox only cares about wolverine so we will never see iceman, storms, dark phoenix, juggs true power without over doing it.

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I like it. Having everyone fighting at the same speed prevents the need for excessive slow motion. I'm a little worried about the addition of quicksilver and the need to slow everyone else down in order to show him doing anything in a fight.

That's part of the reason that I'm not too excited about Bat supes since they showed Supes to be way faster than a human in fight speed as well as flight so there will most likely be excessive slow motion.

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SO certain members of the avengers don't look useless...

What are Black widow, cap, and hawkeye gonna do in the movie that actually seems helpful if Thor and Hulk are portrayed the same as their highest showings in comics.

As for Spider-man he just got his powers and was still a teenager, in the other Spider-man live action series Spider-man stops a train that was a pretty good showing.

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@cap10nate: we will see how whedon does it. He hasn't said he is going to film it in slow motion, he may make a chi quicksilver for when he is going fast... As for xmen dofp I'm not even putting my faith in him being quicksilver in anything but name and ability, fox has ruined to many charecters for me to trust them at all... I know marvel have tweaked their film versions a lot, but they are basically still the same charecters as in the comics.

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I think Marvel have got it pretty bang on so far. Thor and Hulk are equally the two big hitters like they should be, while Cap, Widow and Hawkeye are the more vulnerable. Iron Man is also what I would expect too.

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Actually,all movies downplay their characters greatly. I mean,I think the reason they did it for characters like Thor and Iron Man and Captain America and such was to lessen the gap in usefulness to the team (not saying that the street levelers are useless,at all). But all movie versions of comic characters are only a fraction of half of what comic characters are (usually,can't say all the time).

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@cap10nate: Quicksilver will probably fight a lot like the speedster chick from X-men 3

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@hyiena said:

@cap10nate: Quicksilver will probably fight a lot like the speedster chick from X-men 3

Let us never speak of that dark entry into cinema, Brett Ratner fudged us and fudged us hard.

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Because the villains have to be a credible threat, and it's harder to scale things as high in live action.