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So basicaly I wanted to start reading Marvel Now but I am confuse because there are too many x men and avengers titles so can anyone explain to me that what each of them are about???

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@blackhawk000111: They are about different members of the Avengers and X-Men doing different things. What exactly has caught your interest?

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@jonny_anonymous: Deadpool,secret avengersand punisher.I wanted to konw hat is the difference b/w different Avengers and x men teams

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@blackhawk000111: Hm well

Uncanny Avengers is an amalgamation of the X-Men and the Avengers and they try and combat mutant related problems. It's relatively self contained.

Avengers is the main Avengers title and the main theme of that is the idea of the "Avengers World" and by that I mean the team is trying to expand by getting bigger and trying to cover galactic level threats.

New Avengers is about the Illuminati, a secret group of the worlds smartest and most influential super beings trying to save the world by very questionable means.

Avengers World focuses of different members of the Avengers each month and tells stories that connect with Avengers and New Avengers. All three books are connected but can be read separately.

Mighty Avengers is a team formed by Luke Cage to fight more down to earth threats while the big main team is off in space or whatever.

All New X-Men is about the original 5 X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ice Man, Beast and Angel) coming from the past to the present and realising everything has changed.

Uncanny X-Men is about Cyclops New Xavier's School and his Mutant revolution.

Wolverine & the X-Men is about the Jean Grey School and focuses on the teachers and young mutants.

X-Factor is about a team of corporate funded Mutants.

These are the books I read/have read so I'm not sure about the rest

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To add to this list

Secret Avengers has more to do with a covert team of avengers taking on secret missions with SHEILD.

Undercover Avengers although not out yet, has to do with surviving members of Avengers Arena going undercover and infiltrating a villainous group but the longer they are undercover the more the "the line between good and bad is blurred"

Basically every title is a branch of the same team doing different missions or going through different adventures. Usually self contained too until the next "big event" comes through.

And almost all of them have Captain America or Wolverine lol

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@fubar20: Thank you very much can youtell me about x men too??

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Sorry for the late response, I only get 5 post a day apparently.

I actually just started reading X-men and I'm only 3 issues in but so far it's pretty good. Since I just started reading X-men titles, I find myself looking up character bios on comicvine of characters I'm not too familiar with in order to get a good understanding of who is who and what powers they have. It's an all girl cast which is pretty cool and the first story arc is only 3 issues long which I think is short enough to see if you'll like it or not. Personally, I'll keep reading it but everyone has different tastes when it comes to comics.

Good luck and let me know if you have more questions!

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@fubar20: Sorry for the late response too,I have few titles and I realy like marvel

These are the tiltes I like

Captan America


The Punisher

Uncanny X Men

Wolverine and X Men


Superior Spiderman

Captain Marvel

Secret Avengers

Fanastic Four

All new X men

Ms Marvel

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@blackhawk000111: Oh cool! Captain America is awesome in my opinion. The first arc is really long but "Escape from Dimension Z" is really interesting and it's got lots of twists and turns!

The punisher run is currently my favorite All- New ongoing title. The plot is simple but there is alot of action and the art is amazing!

Glad you liked it them!

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@fubar20: I just read punisher and its amazing