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Any Comics with a villain as the main character anyone would recommend?

Always liked villains. I've read most of the Venom comics, not a fan of Carnages, read the superskrull mini and Apoc vs Drac.

Have you read any that you really like that i should try?

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Would Superior Spider-man count?

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Dark Avengers,Dark Wolverine

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Magneto just came out. I thought it was cool but slow to start and I have high hopes for the series

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Fantastic Four: Books of Doom is a great story.

Red Skull is pretty interesting tale on how the Red Skull came to be.

The original Thunderbolts is an excellent story about villains.

Avengers Forever heavily features Kang and is one of my favorite stories.

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To be honest, not many villains have their own series. I've been pondering this question for a few minutes now and the only one i knew off the top was already named and that's Magneto, his new series i know comes out in March (#1 might have already been released).

Anyhow, I love Villains too, always have. But it's sort of right that they don't normally get their own series because it would change the viewers perspectives in many ways. And Heroes should prevail, that sort of thing. But i do like comics that at least explain a villains origin in great depth in ways that you actually synpathize for them, most do have an interesting background like Magneto.

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Check that! I have the perfect Villain Comic-book Series recommendation for you !

Juggernaut (1997). And Juggernaut Volume 2 (1999). Both series only have 1 issue but they're both great reads.

Then there's "Mystique" (2003-2005): 24 issues..... I have not read this series.

And there's also "Sabretooth and Mystique" (1996-1997): 4 issues.

I'm pretty sure Sabretooth has quite a few of his own series too

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One of the best books Marvel is putting out right now, IMHO.

*realizes OP posted nearly a month ago*

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Fantastic Four: Books of Doom is a great story.

This. Loved this book.