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I know its a bit early to really come to a conclusion about the new Ms.Marvel since we have yet to see how everything plays out. I think she's a shapeshifter and while Im ok with new characters being introduced at times. Im feeling a little bit of angst about such a newbie getting the Moniker of Ms.Marvel.

So i guess the question is more along the lines of who were you hoping would get the mantle or are you happy with an unknown?

For me, I was hoping and praying we would get America Chavez (Miss America) as the new Ms.Marvel. I thought she was perfect for it, especially with young avengers ending.

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I had wondered about it possibly being Darla Deering, what with FF ending soon, or maybe Anya Corazon, considering her recent return, and her being a former sort-of-sidekick to Carol. I think I'm happy enough with Kamala though.

Not so sure about the name still being used though. It didn't make perfect sense for Carol, and probably makes a little less sense for Kamala.

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I am very sceptical about this, concretly about why this character was chosen of all possible variants.
@z3ro180 said:

@hawk2916: Young Avengers is ending ?

Yes and that is good.

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@z3ro180 said:

@rubear: I liked young avengers

I liked them too, but not this volume. Too many absurd and too much spotlight on Wiccan and his friends.

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I think it ends with #15. I agree that there seemed to be too much spotlight on Wiccan and I definitely wasnt a fan of Prodigy's developments throughout. I did like Miss America and there seemed to be so much more that could have been done with her, particularly with her origins and all.

Does anyone know if she will be in any other books?

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An unnecessary reusing of a name better left with it's original character: Carol Danvers.

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Is she going to share the spotlight with her sister-wives?

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In six months she'll shoved aside to a team book like Young Avengers just like what happened with the Arab Green Lantern whose name I can't remember now.

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I can't wait for this. It's a chance to see a new origin story and a new set of powers. It's rare to get a new book that isn't mired in restrictions and red tape. I don't understand how people can turn there nose up at something new.

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what's funny is that i actually know a spanish broad named america in real life.

i think the new ms.marvel is cool. i wish her the best of luck in her superhero career.

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I'm actually intrigued. Would have preferred someone like, say, America Chavez taking up the mantle, but whatever.