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After seeing DC titles like Batman Superman and soon Superman Wonder Woman I thought what would be some good Marvel duos?

List some duo comics you would like Marvel to have.

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Spider-Man and Hulk

Wolverine and Kaine

Captain America and Hawkeye

Thor and Hyperion

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spiderman and human torch (when peter parker comes back)

thor and hercules @powerherc

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Thor and Hulk or--

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Peter Parker and Logan

Two best Marvel heroes ever. Both have interesting powers, both street level, and their personalities contrast nicely :)

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I'm really in a Spider-man/Wolverine mood right now. So,

An ongoing for these guys would be cool. Astonishing was fun and I'd love to see more. Or barring that,

I'll admit I ship this, either in Ultimate or an AU so the age difference works out. Or I just say "screw it, she's 18 now." Either way, a series together would be cool. Plus they could have a mentor/student relationship like Kitty/Wolvie, Jubilee/Wolvie, etc. Just different.

Or Kaine and Wolverine.

Or Kaine and X-23. Or Wolverine and X-23. Or Kaine and Spider-man. Or a huge group where they all kick @ss. That would be the best. All this with Peter though, not SpOck.

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The Punisher and Wolverine make a great pair. Credit goes to cody1984 for posting this on the Punisher respect thread:

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Silver Surfer and Thor

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@batmannflash: Wow, didn't even see your post till just now. You have good taste. If you don't mind my asking, what's the second scan from?

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@mitran: Thank you. I love that duo. The second scan, so the one where Spidey's picking off Wolverine's mask? It's from Savage Wolverine #6.

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Spider-Man/Agent Venom (Flash teaming with his life-long hero? Awesome.)

Agent Venom/Kaine (I thought their personalities made Minimum Carnage entertaining even though the crossover itself wasn't)

Agent Venom/Valkyrie (They're dating so why not?)


Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel/Spider-Woman

Hulk/Iron Man (The bromance between Banner and Stark would be entertaining)

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I want Songbird and MACH V to come back and reclaim the Thunderbolts from Ross and co

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Thor & Hercules

Spider-Woman & Ms. Marvel

Whoever Spider-Man, Wolverine or The Punisher is paired with its always an interesting read. So my Marvel duo would be a triplet with those three in one awesome comic

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Iron Fist and Daredevil

Doctor Strange and Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Black Panther and Captain America

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Bucky and Natasha back in action.

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Deadpool & Aunt May

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Captain Marvel and Spider Woman

X-23 and Jubilee( especially this one)

Collen wing and misty knight

Hulk and Daredevil

Phyla vell and moondragon

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First and foremost, Gambit and Fantomex

I like Wolverine/Spiderman (lighthearted) or Wolverine/Kaine for a serious tone.

Daredevil/ Hulk

Thor/ Herc

Hawkeye/ Ant-man (O'Grady)

Captain Marvel/ Spider-woman

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Young Odin/Zeus

Agent Venom/Ghost Rider(Blaze)

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Daredevil / Spider-Man

Iron Fist / Captain America

Dr. Strange / Thor

we don't see these kind of interactions too often and I think they'd be fun!

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Rorschach and Deadpool

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@waezi2: Not Marvel. Rorschach at least isn't

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Spider-Man and Wolverine

Hulk and Namor

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@batmannflash: I know, but they are awesome together.

Loading Video...

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Super villain team up!

Mysterio and Chameleon

Doom and Namor

Red Skull and Apocalypse

Sandman and Rhino

Shocker and Electro

Taskmaster and Constrictor

Absorbing Man and Titania

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Wolverine and Spiderman are perfect duo including Hulk and Iceman they are my favorite marvel character.

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But seriously though I really like these two:

Wolverine and Jubs are the ultimate couple, and Legion and Blindfold are the cutest couple.

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I like complimentary teams...

Phoenix and Thor would be an awesome combination, damn near unbeatable but good cosmic powered fun!

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Deadpool Kitty Pryde

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Deadpool and Fantomex or Deadpool and Wolverine

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Hercules and Thor

Thing and Hulk

Captain America and Nick Fury

Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman

Hyperion and Thundra

Dr. Strange and Hellstorm

Wolverine ad Puck

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Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel

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Jubilee + Pixie

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Hulk and Daredevil!

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Can't insert images right now for some reason, so I'll just say Spider-Man/Captain Marvel (Danvers).

EDIT: Oh look I can add pictures now.

That's probably enough. Anyway, I like that pairing, romantic entanglement or not.

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Daredevil and Venom (Brock)

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Moon Knight & Blade

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@fodigg said:

Can't insert images right now for some reason, so I'll just say Spider-Man/Captain Marvel (Danvers).

I would like that also! I also want her back in the Ms. Marvel suit.

Iron Fist and Dare Devil

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Luke Cage and Ironfist

Black Panther and Captain America

Wolverine and Spiderman

Daredevil and Moon Knight

Hawkeye and Black Widow

Deadpool and Cable

Thor and Hercules

Cloak and Dagger

Ms.Marvel and Spiderwoman

they have many others

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she-hulk & deadpool

black panther & moon knight

domino & luke cage

cloak & dagger

ironfist & misty knight

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I would like to see a Hank Pym and Wasp series or another Wonderman and Beast.

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Y'know I'd love to see a Black Panther/Mr. Fantastic miniseries for some weird reason. I always found that line in New Avengers to be very funny when BP and Reed are arguing about how to build the world-destroying machine.

Reed says, "Some of us prefer scalpels to swords" and BP replies, "And some of us haven't spent enough time with swords."

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If any two marvel heros deserve a team up book it's Thor and Herc