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New Defenders

So i was browsing the net and i came across this bit of information. I have long wanted an Iron Fist & Luke Cage live action show, because you can't go wrong with martial arts and badassness that those two emit, but it's also good because there is a lot of mix of different cultures, and a different side of ethnic relationship in Ironfist and Luke Cage's bromance. Beside these two are very underrated, and recently have been getting more and more face time which is great.

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Interesting, I could get behind this. Thanks for sharing the link, first I heard of it.

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im game for a daredevil tv show if done right. make it a crime drama

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this is excellent news, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

I wonder which villains will be used, if they will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if there will be familiar locations and easter eggs since its set in NYC (Daily Bugle, Baxter Building), what kind of tone these series will have.......

this is really awesome, I'm glad they're going ahead and doing this.

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The homepage. Use it!