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I've been following Marvel for a while now and I realize a lot of stuff has become completely out of wack in there mainstream and Ultimate Universe what with all the dimensional and time traveling something is easily falling apart.

So is there any chance Marvel would ever merge there universes including the mainstream universe with the ultimate one?

This way they could merge the good aspects of both universes into one. It'd also be easier for casual readers to actually follow story lines since so many of them have become overly dependent on confusing dimensional traveling.

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Well, Age of Ultron shattered the Timestream, so you know something's up. Plus, in New Avengers, we've had the Incursions. Finally, the Ultimate Universe certainly seems like it's coming to a close and rumor has it that Miles will be making a permanent move to the 616. Other than that, I'm not sure.

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Is there a chance?


Is it a chance I would bet money on? Absolutely not.

I mean,there have been scenes that seem to HINT towards that (for example,Ultimates seeing Flashes of their mainstream counterparts),but most likely not.

The two universes are distinct,and Marvel has way too much invested in the Ultimates universe (and they may continue investing in it).

If anything,a lot of important people die. All I know about the Miles thing was that he was going to the 616 universe in order to find out how to defeat Galactus and the Ultimates may become aware of their mainstream counterparts (due to one of the solicits with them finding out he came from another universe). But that's all that we know (or at least,all that I know). Miles moving or the Universes merging is a HUUUGE "if" and will most likely not happen. And besides,there are some other things left (I believe that,due to Kang going back in time,she will play some sort of role in the story,OR Reed Richards will most likely help. And Reed has godlike intelligence).

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There's always a possibility, but like cameron83 says, it's not likely.

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Possibility: yes. I hope the Universes do not merge. Something big is happening though with the time stream broken (they have noted it in a few books).

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Hope not, The Ultimate and 616 should remain seperarate and if this is the end of the Ultimates U. so be it. Because their can only be one.

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Maybe but I could be wrong.