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Been flicking through these summer specials and can't decide which one to go for. As a Surfer fan, I'm drawn towards Hunger, but I also like Black Bolt and he has a good piece in Infinity. What do you reckon is likely to be the best read?

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Well the Infinity issue that comes with digital copy includes a really good Silver Surfer story too. Its really well illustrated and a nice Surfer story. Its Infinity: Against the Tide.

I'd recommend Infinity. You get both characters you like, its bigger as well, plus in main continuity (Hunger does have 616 Galactus but is Ultimates otherwise)

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Infinity since Thanos will be trashing the universe again.

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They should cross them and have Infinite Hunger!

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Yep, I'm veering towards Infinity. I need to read a Thanos story, since I got back into comics, I've heard how powerful he is and need to see it first hand!!