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make your own marvel all girl team, establish a leader, second in command, and come up with a team name, minimum is 6 members and maximum is 10 members.

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Captain Marvel - Leader

Storm - Second in Command

She-Hulk - Bruiser

Spectrum - Energy

White Tiger - Just 'cause

Emma Frost - Telepath

Spider-Girl - Obligatory Spider member

Invisible Woman - Solid Shields

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gamora ( leader)

ms. marvel ( second in command)

angela ( why not use someone heavenly?)

the black widow ( team can use a spy)

the scarlet witch( mutation and magic why not?)

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call them the "6 stars"


storm (motivator)

ms marvel (intelligence/leader)

invisible women (technology resouce)

she hulk (brute strength)

Thorgirl (powerhouse)

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Ms. Marvel (leader)

Storm (second)






Squirrel Girl

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@mikex20: good team tell me what you think of mines

team name: lethal tactics

storm (leader)

ms.marvel (second in command)


silver sable

black cat



scarlet witch

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@bxhybrid89: It's a good team, I couldn't think of a name for mine.

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Team Name: XX-Men (get it? because of the chromosomes)

Leader: Storm

2nd in command: Domino





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Captain Marvel (Leader)

Black Panther (shuri)

Black Widow


Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)



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Storm, Capt Marvel/Ms.Marvel, Valkyrie , Sif, Angela, She Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Captain Universe, Wasp, Invisible Girl

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team name: Frontal Assault

storm (leader)

captain marvel (2nd)





scarlet witch

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Sersi (Leader)
Emma Frost (Second)
Kitty Pryde
Stepford Cuckoos

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Captain Marvel as leader and all members

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team name: The Defenders

Leader:Misty Knight

Following the incarceration of Dr.Steven Strange, the banishment of Namor, and the unknown whereabouts of Dr.Bruce Banner, Knight summons a new team of Defenders to find and rescue the most noble of the Defenders, her missing partner, Iron Fist.


  • Black Cat- Misty recruits Felicia for help shaking information out of the underworld, a trail that leads her to the conclusion that they may be facing some mythical-level super-evils. Believing that the two of them may be out of their league in this rescue, they then seek the aid of..
  • Valkyrie- who's totally ready to throw down for her friends, especially if it's to save Iron Fist. She suggests however that since it's possible that whoever took him down may have been a powerful martial artist, that perhaps they should contact someone who knows more about that, like...
  • Moondragon- who conveniently has a use for their skills as well, and agrees to help them in exchange for their help once their current mission is complete. Then, sometime later,
  • Jocasta- shows up asking if she can join their team because she needs help, at which point they decide to stay together as a team.