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I've read several of Marvel's major story arcs, like Civil War, etc, but I never really could get them in chronological reading order.

I'm aware they happen issues apart, but anyone here know how it goes? Possibly from the year 2001 to present...

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Hey there mate, was just curious if you were still interested in something like this? As yeah, I've been working on my own reading order for Marvel Universe [from the late 30s to the present], and while I may not have it quite in chronological order as of yet, I'm getting close though and if you are interested in having a look at what I have done so far, let me know :)

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It would be awesome if you could post it.

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bump... I would also like a reading order of major events.

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I have an order here that I personally would like to read. I'm fairly noobish to Marvel (outside Ghost Rider, Punisher, Elektra and Deadpool) and was wondering which of these I could get away with just reading the main books such as House of M 1-8 but not all of the other tie-ins and stuff. I have a couple lists and some of them have like 50+ books plus the main arc. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

Avenger disassembled

Secret War

House of M

Civil War

Secret Invasion

Dark Reign


Lol just noticed this but are you talking to yourself?