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These are characters I think that deserve to be regulars and fit with the show.

1: Amadeus Cho

Originally a Hulk supporting character, in the same vein as Rick Jones, Amadeus is actually a pretty well rounded and awesome character in his own right. He's one of the 8 smartest people in the world........... And he's a teenage high school dropout. He's also been close friends with Hercules, even eventually gaining Herc's title as Prince of Power and being given his magical Golden Mace. He also occasionally goes by the codename Mastermind Excello.

2: Rick Jones

What's so special about Rick Jones? Well without him we wouldn't have The Hulk, and has been his most famous supporting character. He's also been a crime fighting partner to both Captain America and Captain Mar-Vell, is an honorary member of The Avengers, and as of 2008 has become the intelligent blue Hulk-like creature known as A-Bomb though he retains his full intelligence

3: Rikki Barnes

Originally from the Heroes Reborn universe, and the Bucky of that universe as well, she has since folded over into the main Marvel universe and has taken the name Nomad which was a name Steve Rogers took after becoming disillusioned with America for a time. For the show she could easily be the original Bucky's grand-niece, sharing the family nickname.

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Personally I feel this would have been a good line-up for the series:

  • Agent Phil Coulson - Leader of the team, keeping them in-line while also over seeing the team's missions.
  • Marcus Johnson - Similar to Agent Ward, Johnson is the the ultimate field agent and is a "by-the-books" kinda guy.
  • Monica Chang - The cold-hearted agent who prefers working alone.
  • Daisy Johnson - Similar to Skye, she is the rookie agent who brings a sense of charm to the team.
  • Eric O'Grady - The wise-cracking hotshot agent, who brings some humor to the team.
  • Amadeus Cho - The team's resident genius, who at times isn't taken seriously by most of the team due to his age.
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@war_killer: Completely agree. I just kind of expected more....................... Comic characters to be in the show. At least ones that have been in the comics longer than Coulson.

I would have preferred Wendell Vaughn over Ward honestly. He applied to be a SHIELD agent in the comics, but they could have just made him one here. Also sets up a Cosmic hero in the process.

Also I really hope they eventually get The Runaways in the show, setting up for a Runaways movie!

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Sharon Carter

"Dum Dum" Dugan

Philip Larson (Mar-Vell)

Sam Wilson


Clay Quartermain


Ms. Marvel

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luke cage

captain america

"Dum Dum" Dugan

jane foster


nick fury

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Dum Dum Dugan for sure

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I would like to see:

Phil Coulson

Black Widow

Maria Hill


Nick Fury

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Hawkeye and or his brother Trickshot


Sharon Carter

Monica Chang

John Walker/US Agent