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I know there are a lot of threads asking how smart Banner is. But, Instead of just debating, why not post his tech.  
Pictures are always welcome of course, I don't have any. Due to having a new computer and no scanner *Sad face* But, I can name some. Info things like that. I will only say a couple, so that other may join in, or correct me where I am wrong.  
So, BannerTech shields, Well, it protected him from, Wolverines claws. So, They were said to be able to cut through anything.  
His duffle bag, mini black hole is it? That allows him to get things from his lab.  
Y'all may continue.

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BannerTech Defensive Shielding : A force field shielding his entire body, along with anyone else he chooses, from any damage.

Strength Augmentation : Banner can switch the energy of his shielding to Strength Augmentation allowing him to temporally become has strong as the Hulk.

BannerTech Wrist-Watch Teleporter : A reverse-engineered wristwatch version of the Leaders teleporter..

BannerTech Satchel : A pocket teleporter in a satchel, "Hand goes in the Satchel, comes out in Banners top secret Lab."

BannerTech Robots : Banner has reverse-engineered and upgraded upon Life-Model-Decoys.

BannerTech Old Power Taser : A gun-type weapon that shoots a beam of Old Power, at it's highest level, it's strong enough to kill wolverine with one blast.

BannerTech Nanoparticulates : Nano-particles able to hack and disable technological weapons.

BannerTech PDA : From which he can more directly influence his technology.

Hmmmmm what else. . . ?

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@brycen: I know this post is ancient but comments like yours annoy me. Wolverine's claws are just metal. Not mystical or energy based. His strength is not amplified beyond the weight lent to his blows by his skeleton and superior stamina allowed by his healing factor. People have blown the abilities of adamantium way out of proportion; It is just a metal. It is super dense compared to earthly ones, like diamond to glass, which allows it to be honed to such a fine point that it cuts lesser metals with the 'hot knife through butter' effect. Still no reason to expect it to cut through an energy field or try to use this example to discredit the abilities of Wolverine's claws though.

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@jwa: It can also cut Hulk, Gods and many other worldly beings. Other metals (apart from Vibranium) could do that.

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Hm. I don't know anything about his tech,but I am replying so I can return to see this later. This seems like a very interesting topic.

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I'm not a regular Hulk reader (though I like him), but I remember a few issues with BannerTech and it felt a bit like Inspector Gadget ;).

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Sure. Depends on, you want recent ones or maybe older ones?

I'm good with either, but this isn't my thread! ;-) Would be a good thread in the Hulk section *hint hint*.

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@jwa: Actually Adamantium is super-dense and also does this on the molecular level regular metal can't. Why Wolverine was able to put his claws through a thick metal wall, with just a jab. Make a sword out of solid steel or metal, make it super sharp, you still wouldn't be capable of what Logan's done with ease.