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I liked Civil War, although I wasn't pleased with the ending, but AvX will always have a special spot in my heart because it was my introduction to reading Marvel's monthly comics.

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Infinity Guantlet and Annihilation. I don't know why, but Cosmic Marvel has put out better events than earth-based Marvel.

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House of M was a great read. I guess you could call it the catalyst for AvX.

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Oh, Avengers Vs X-Men... Obviously.

But on a serious note, I quite liked Civil War and Infinity Gauntlet.

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@woodstrider: I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a comic book i guess, woodstrider. What comics do you normally read and what kinds of comics do you like?

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If you like X-men then Second Coming and Mesiah Compelex are both great and must reads. Civil War, Secret Wars, and Siege are also good.

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Most events tend to eschew storytelling and characterization in favor of explosions and battles, so in all honesty, I can't name that many Marvel events from the past two decades considered 'good'. Civil War received mixed critical acclaim, while the response for Fear Itself was largely negative.

The aforementioned Messiah Complex is the only exception I can think of. It's a fantastic crossover between all the X-titles at the time as the X-Men and their enemies try to search for the first mutant born since M-Day. It's follow-up Second Coming is good, if not as exciting.

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Infinity Gauntlet, Civil War and World War Hulk are my favourites.

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World War Hulk

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Marvel Secret Wars original one. Age of Apocalypse was pretty neat.

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@feebadger:My favourite Marvel characters are Thor and Iron Man. I also enjoy Marvel's cosmic stories and characters. I don't like Captain America and the X-men.

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I always liked House of M and Civil War, so I'd recommend those.

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Annihilation is my favorite marvel event. The story itself is fantastic. The tie-ins make it awesome.

If you count Avengers Forever as an event, then I would definitely include that because it is amazing.

Civil War was a good story.

If you are willing to read all the tie -ins, Secret Invasion is a pretty good story. If you just read the main story, it is lacking.

Annihilation: Conquest is kind of the same. It is a good story in it's own right but the tie-ins complete it.

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civil war is the best in the last 10 years

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I liked infinity gauntlet, planet hulk, world war hulk, avengers vs x-men, thanos imperative, annihilation, doomwar.

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I loved Civil War, when was that first released again?

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Marvel can chill with their "events" for a little while. Nothing wrong with self-contained stories and minimal crossovers for a change.

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Infinity Gautlet is the best, Civil war a close second

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House of M, Civil War, WWH

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Marvel can chill with their "events" for a little while. Nothing wrong with self-contained stories and minimal crossovers for a change.

especially since most of them aren't very good.

I did like House of M and Civil War, as their own things, bu I hate how the big crossovers spill over into the regular titles. I might not have minded AvsX, but for six months it became almost impossible to read an Avengers or X-men comic that wasn't about that, so that sucked. They seem to have taken a slightly different approach to Age of Ultron, but I'm just not going to read any of that because I still feel so burnt out on events.

Honestly, I think I liked old stuff like Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars (from '84, and which was almost completely self contained) better. Or even Atlantis Attacks, which crossed over only in the Annuals of each title, meaning it didn't really interfere with the flow of the regular books. With AA annuals, you could just read how the event effected the characters you were interested in, get a fun team-up story, and they were double-sized, so you got at least one other story and some fun extras. If you wanted to read the whole story though, you still really didn't have to be reading any of the regular series', you could just pick up the annuals.

Unfortunately, Atlantis Attacks was the beginning of what we think of when we think of an "event"; because Marvel took the wrong lesson from it's success. What crossovers became in the decades since have largely been at the expense of the regular series, and have thus bogged down a lot of otherwise interesting books. And the more frequently Marvel does them, the worse they seem to get, essentially corrupting their whole continuity with contrived plots, ham-fisted characterization, and missed opportunities.

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Off the top of my head...

Secret War had amazing art.

Avengers: Disassembled was quite good.

House of M was fun.

Annihilation was nifty.

Civil War was heady.

The Initiative was a cool era.

Messiah Complex was enjoyable.

World War Hulk was entertaining.

One More Day/Brand New Day was an abomination.

Secret Invasion was a cool concept.

Dark Reign was grim.

Siege was excellent.

Chaos War was alright.

Fear Itself was a snore.

Schism was ok.

Avengers vs. X-Men was truly the end of an Era.

If I had to say my top 3, I would go with Siege, Civil War and House of M.

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A Secret Wars TPB was my first experience with a comic book and I've been hooked ever since. As well as that I really enjoyed Annihilation and Chaos War.

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Messiah CompleX
Second Coming
House of M
Civil War

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Annihilation is my favorite. Civil War is probably second. And after that...

House of M

Age of Apocalypse

World War Hulk

Chaos War

War of Kings

Realm of Kings

Thanos Imperative

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Infinity Gauntlet

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Secret Invasion was campy but fun

Civil War had many cliffhangers

Onslaught could have been...... way better

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Civil War is by far my favorite.

The other really good ones would be Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars, House of M, and Secret Invasion.

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I enjoyed "Civil War" the most of all the events of the last ten years.

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Messiah Complex and Second Coming is scary how tight the even was written, and by far one of my favourite crossovers.

Age of Apocalypse is bloody epic. 32 books. and by the end of it, you probably won't regret reading every little detail of it. There is a reason why that reality has been revisited a ton of times.

House of M had a great premise, honestly. But the only tie-in I've read was Uncanny X-Men's one and I hated it, sorry Claremont, you shouldnt had 'round 2' the X-verse.