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Here's the full transcript

Here are the general points of interest:

  • Uncanny X-Force/Cable & X-Force crossover. Weekly in January - two issues of each. Called Vendetta. Hopeless mentioned the 'real' X-Force taking down the other one
  • Cable vs. Bishop and there's a picture of Stryfe in the background
  • Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe, November 2013. Hastings writing, Camagni on art.
  • Astonishing X-Men is coming to a close in a few weeks
  • She-Hulk #1 is coming out in February
  • SINNERS teaser is Ghost Rider joining Thunderbolts (issue 20)
  • TRIAL teaser is an All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy crossover - The Trial of Jean Grey (six issues)
  • WRATH teaser is Isanove doing a 4-issue Savage Wolverine arc based in the 1930's
  • CORPORATE teaser is All-New X-Factor. Written by Peter David. Features Gambit & Quicksilver (as well as others) on the team
  • "My work tends to be rooted in the real world except for the occasional battles about hell. And the corporate presence in the real work is just everywhere. I was fascinated by Google because it's in so many things and I thought about it and "why wouldn't a corporation get into superheroes?"" - Peter David
  • No plans for Squirrel Girl or Iron Fist in the X-books anytime soon, but fans should watch for news having to do with one of them
  • Nick Lowe says the secret of the bamfs will be revealed soon
  • Very big plans for Juggernaut coming soon
  • Nick Lowe says Multiple Man will be seen in the future
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Isanove did a great job doing some of the art for Dark Tower. Look forward to him work on Savage Wolverine and I love the time period. Need to hear some more about the new X-Factor but I'll probably pick it up especially with Gambit as part of the book. The bamfs and Juggernaut is good stuff too.

Edit: Not really digging those X-Factor outfits.