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I know a lot of people have been on the fence about Age Of Ultron but I have thoroughly enjoyed every issue I have purchased so far (1-6, Superior Spider-Man 6 AU, and Wolverine and The X-Men 27 AU). Speaking of Wolverine and The X-Men, I noticed at the back of Age Of Ultron 6 they list it's tie-in issue as 26 AU instead of 27 AU, just thought that was an interesting typo. I have been dying to know how everything turns out in the series, especially considering what happens in issue 6. One thing I could do without is one panel or off-screen deaths such as what happens to She-Hulk, Luke Cage, Captain America, and I believe Black Panther but you can't get everything you ask for. They have keep Ultron hidden away somewhere for over half of the run so far, and it's building my anticipation for when he does show up, it will hopefully be something really epic. Also, here's to hoping that Age Of Ultron 10 UC has something to do with the rumored destruction of the Ultimate Universe next year. I'd love to hear how some of you others have been taking Age Of Ultron.

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Age of Ultron is a hell of a lot better than Avengers vs X-Men, that's for sure. And it's moving a lot faster, too.

The only tie-in I read was Spider-Man. Good issue, though the wonky consistency between Pete-Pete and Otto-Pete between the main book and the tie-in was kind of annoying, though understandable considering how long ago Ultron was written.

Either way, it's the best Marvel crossover in years.

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I'm really disliking it so far; it's paced so badly and there's no sense of context or pacing, but i'm holding my judgement depending on how it plays out. Could go either way so far (though i agree that the Superior Spider Man tie in's were great).

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I find Age of Ultron really slow, and completely out of sync with everything else. It would be interesting to see how they model it into the continuity or how they take it from here but its needlessly killing so many people which sucks.

The whole question: if you could go to the past, would you kill Hitler's dad? was pretty cool though.

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So much better than AvX. And probably Fear Itself.

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It reminds me of Ultimatum from the Ultimate U because they're just killing everyone off for the "lulz" of it all. Only difference is Ultimatum deaths were permanent where as all of these deaths will be wiped off the slate once AoU ends.

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Only problem I've had with it is that I thought it was all going to be part of regular continuity (all the commercials said "This is Marvel...NOW"). I'm pretty sure it isn't, so that was a little bit misleading.

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Im not a huge fan of age of ultron so i don't care about the deaths they won't stay dead

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My only question is what if they actually have the guts to kill these people off and keep them dead? Or at least alter the universe because of time travel like Flashpoint did for DC. Though they probably won't keep the dead buried, at least it probably is Marvel Universe 616 (Main) because the Hulk issue that comes out in July takes place after the events of Age of Ultron.

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Well after the last issue... killing Pym I definitely think the 616-Earth they go back to will be different...

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It started slow, but it's picking up the pace now, and I'm liking it. I'm interested to see what happens in the next few issues, and how this series will affect other titles afterwards.

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Looks like we're going to finally see the alternate timeline in action in the upcoming Fearless Defenders #4 AU Age of Ultron tie-in.

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AoU has been surprisingly enjoyable. I like that it has had a slower pace, and I am really interested in the world that Sue and Logan are going to find themselves in come AoU #7

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@tsaimelemoni: It's defiantly going to be cool, just check out Cap's sweet eye-patch. I hope they mention how The Hulk got all that horrible scarring on the left side of his body there. Plus, Wolverine is wearing he classic brown and gold combo, that is always a win in my book.

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I'll start to reading this series, i liked AvX so if ppl says this is better i can't wait to read it!

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It's enjoyable, but not awesome at the moment, though it has picked up since the twist. Maybe it will read better in one go though. I really do think that marvel have got it right in terms of the pacing of shipping and the number of tie-ins. It's a leaner, more concise and wallet friendly event.

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@daycrawler: If only they could apply these lessons to all of their events...... Infinity later this year is shaping up to be more of the same with the story being bloated with countless tie-in comics. What they are doing in terms of release schedule for Age of Ultron is pure genius because it doesn't take up ten months like a normal event of this size would (only four) and it doesn't interrupt the story-lines of the comics involved in the tie-ins (having the AU issues is awesome). It's a pretty good event released in a decent time span and I agree with you one hundred percent.

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This is the first place I've actually heard from people who are liking it.

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It's...okay. Just can't identify with these characters. Especially Wolverine.

I did enjoy the Fearless Defenders tie-in -- but considering where Fearless Defenders is at, it left all kinds of questions - not too sure how it correlates -- Warrior Woman is interesting but now what? kind of thing. :/

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Age of ultron has caught my eye recently. I'm considering picking it up

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After finishing reading it a week ago..I have to say AOU was a major disappointment. They didn't give much explanation to how it first started in Issue 1..it just showed that Ultron had taken over..and the rest? Wolverine killing Pym to mess up the time line was kind of dumb..though not a surprise with Wolverine,but then they go back in time again to stop wolverine from doing it then had wolverine kill himself. The finale I thought was the weakest part because nothing in it made much sense except that they "killed" ultron and now Angela is in Marvel. Avengers vs X-men was a lot better then this event..It started off ok but went downhill from there

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I was really confused. Why was this all happening? I know Ultron became self aware but I guess I didn't care. Then it turned into a time travel story which I hate because it never gets written well. You got all these alt universe worlds happening that are connected and you are in the middle of it all. Blah just felt like a mess. I had high hopes but it all went down hill after issue 3 for me.