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When people think of Mark Millar, stories like KICK-ASS, THE ULTIMATES, and SUPERMAN: RED SON often come to mind. However, the writer's also produced two phenomenal stories about James Howlett, a.k.a. Wolverine. One is a character-driven look into a dark and twisted future where the villains have finally won and the popular mutant has sworn to never pop his claws again. The other is a thrilling ride as a mind controlled Logan battles several characters and comes face to face with a deadly man called Gorgon.

They're quite different reading experiences and and both are absolutely must reads if you're a fan of the X-Man, so we want to know if you happen to prefer one over the other. And, in the event you happen to like -- or dislike -- these arcs equally, those are options on the poll, too. If you haven't read either (fix that if you're a Wolverine fan right now, please), you have until Friday morning to complete both stories and think it though.


The poll will close Friday morning (ET) and the updated article will highlight several Viner posts. After you cast your vote, enter the comments section and give the Comic Vine crowd a piece of your mind. Why did you vote the way you did? What is it about the story that made you select it? Was there a standout scene? A certain line? Please feel free to get your elaboration on. However, if you do want your post to be considered for the results article, please try to keep your thoughts limited to a few paragraphs at most. No pictures either, please. So, which Millar story will it be, Viners?

Check the homepage this Friday to see how the voting ends up and why. In the meantime, feel free to make future match-up suggestions in the comments below or tell us via Twitter.

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Enemy of the State because I liked it more. Yeah, that's right! Have fun arguing that immaculate point!

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@jaken7 said:

Enemy of the State because I liked it more. Yeah, that's right! Have fun arguing that immaculate point!


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I only read Old Man, but I loved it. I need to read Enemy of State.

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I pick Old Man Logan. Just a big fan of post-apocalyptic stories.

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oh man, these two stories are some of my favorite Wolvie stories!

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Easily Enemy of the State . Did a few things much needed back then : re-established Wolverine as a real threat n when out of control , and bolstered and empowered again the Hand . Finally it created an interesting new villain , the Gorgon ... wich is still currently of some great use as an Hydra leader

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Hmm, haven't read either of these...may check one or both out based on what people say.

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@jaken7: I feel like a real master debater now :'3

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@jaken7: I kid you not when I tell you my barber is licensed as a Master Barber

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I like them both.Pretty hard to pick between these two.

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Not a big fan of Wolverine, but I may pick up the winner of this poll, just to check out some good story telling. Miller is awesomeness.

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I read the first issue of Enemy of the State because it was free on the Marvel comics App. I enjoyed it. I bought Old Man Logan back in May or June & I loved it. Still need to pick up Enemy of the State.

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Tough call, both stories are great, albeit for different reasons.... I have some pontificating to do....

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EOTS introduced me to Gorgon. A character that is just better than Wolverine at doing what he does best.

Old Man Logan shows why even if every other hero is gone, Wolverine is still going to be the best there is at what he does.

My vote for Enemy of the State is because it has made changes to how Wolverine is perceived by his most die hard fans.

Even his hardest supporters feel that Tomi is a step above.

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Both are great. But It's Old Man Logan for me.

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am i the only one who absolutely hates old man logan ?

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Old Man Logan FOR THE WIN!!!

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so i haven't read either of these but this poll better help me decide.

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I'm not a big fan of Mark Millar and usually end up rolling my eyes every time I read one of his books, but Old Man Logan was so good. I love old Hawkeye. Unfortunately I haven't read EOTS and can't before Friday because I'm short on money.

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both were great stories and a lot of fun, but in different ways, I enjoyed Old Man Logan more, for it's alternate universe element. It was cool to see how things played out, From the final resting spot of Giant Man, the way the territories were divided and of course Daredevil and the Punisher, you had to read it again to get all the little details.

But EOTS was great as well seeing Wolverine going against some tough opponents and really enjoyed Romita's work too

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Old Man Logan.

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am i the only one who absolutely hates old man logan ?

no you're not ...i hated it too