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The Good

Cullen Bunn's new tradition of having Magneto kill all those who wronged mutants continues here. This series asks the question "What if the Punisher was actually Magneto?" The answer to that question is "it would be totally awesome." In this issue, Magneto confronts an organization that is taking young mutants to a camp, dissecting them, and cataloging their mutant powers.

This book is brutal, but not to a point where the whole book is about violence. The violence has a point and it really fits with the character. He's really a "take no prisoners" man who has faced horrors in his past and wants to right the wrongs in the present. This issue really fleshes out what this series, at least the first couple arcs, are about.

If there's one thing that really makes this book work, as a whole, it's the art team of Javier Fernandez and Jordie Bellaire. What these two do, artistically, really balances out the tone and violence within the book. Within this issue alone, as Magneto uses barbed wire to string up some mutant offenders, another art style wouldn't work. Even another colorist may not work. Fernandez and Bellaire are a great blend of house style with a bit of animated style thrown into the mix. Strangely enough, the art is very calming.

The issue leaves the reader at a point where they truly understand why Magneto does what he does and why he goes to extreme measures to do what he does. All of this really hits home through Magneto's monologue by Bunn. It's the perfect end to this issue, to really get inside his head.

The Bad

It may be a bit violent for some readers. This feels more like a Max title than anything else because of the tone and brutality. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but some readers may be turned off by this.

The Verdict

MAGNETO #4 is one fantastic read. It let's readers really get into the head of one of Marvel's most infamous villains and follows him on a journey to avenge his follow people. The book is brutal, sad, and hopeful all at the same time. Bunn, Fernandez, and Bellaire have crafted quite an extremely intriguing book that makes you feel for this character and look at him in a whole new light. Hopefully, this series continues to impress as it has the past four issues. Overall, I highly recommend this book.

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First Sinestro, now Magneto?? The villains are killing it! Forever Evil Morally gray babeh!

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I really need to start reading this.

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I love this series. Also, the black costume is the best thing Marvel's ever had Magneto wearing.

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This was my least favorite of the four issues. It wasn't bad but it didn't seem to move the story forward as much as the other three. Plus the mutants on the bus looked like aliens from Farscape.

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@the_stegman: "Forever Evil Morally gray" Now there's an event! lol

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@keroga said:

@the_stegman: "Forever Evil Morally gray" Now there's an event! lol

Nolan got it all wrong... Heroes don't die hero or live long enough to see themselves become the villain... villians either die villain or live long enough to get so popular they become heroes haha

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One thing was confusing to me...did we get to see the room he entered, that was inside the forest/cavern space? Was that part of the purifier base? I got the sense that it was somewhere else, and he kidn of made a big deal about going in, but then there was no payoff--but it also didn't really feel like it was being teased as if it was going to be dealt with next issue. The relationship between the two locations seemed unrelated and confusing to me.

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@sleepbutnodream15: Yeah, it's great. Cullen Bunn is killing it with Magneto and Sinestro too.

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@owie: If you're talking about the room in the forest, that was one of his hideouts. You can tell, by how he knew where it was, and the retinal scan that it did. The location where the Purifiers and and the room he entered were unrelated. That's basically where he keeps the names of all the mutants that have died due to humans. It was kind of implied.

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Am I the only one that is more afraid of this less powerful Magneto. Now that he has no power, he seems to be more calculating with his movements. I just read issues 2,3 and this one, and the scene in issue 3 with the paperclip is still haunting me.

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A continuation of the last issue, times ten in terms of Magneto's ruthless mission to punish and destroy those who persecute mutants. Very powerful. I spent some time reading those names at the end. When presented like that, no wonder Magneto feels he has to do something.

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Amazing series!

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First Sinestro, now Magneto?? The villains are killing it! Forever Evil Morally gray babeh!

Both of them are kicking tons of ass.

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@the_stegman said:

First Sinestro, now Magneto?? The villains are killing it! Forever Evil Morally gray babeh!

Both of them are kicking tons of ass.

Both are written by the same writer too.

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Honestly, This art is Hot Doo-doo. I wanna get into this book but the art just keeps me away.So sad.