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A long way back, when I used to do some really weird shit with my hair, like have a blond fauxhawk. That's not the point, LOOK AT THAT LITTLE THING.

Thought it'd be cool to relate this to Krypto, I want to know if you have any pet in your life that could be considered your "super pet" or "sidekick".

This is my supet pet. Her name is Sophie, and like most dogs, she definitely is "man's best friend". She's a pit/lab mix, and her pit side definitely shows when she smiles. However, she goes against the stereotype. She has never attacked anyone, but she does get defensive when me and my friends spar around. She's only a pup too, and I had her when she was only a wee little thing. Since then, she's been my life for the most part. She's even in my profile picture with me. Love the dog. Recently ordered her a Supergirl bandanna that she can wear around.

So, who's YOUR superpet? Hopefully this can stay in the Krypto board, since it relates to Superanimals, and I thought it'd be a fun little topic.

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Is a bump allowed here? If it isn't, will delete post. Was hoping for more activity.

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I have seen your face. *adjusts sights on her sniper rifle* I know you now. You are mine.

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610 posts and ur asking if its ok to bump ? my super pet is bentley the (roommate's )cat. he is simply awesome .

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Joygirl, do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?


Yeah. Maybe I am. I don't know if it classified as bumpable or not. Blech. I don't usually worry about bumping because I never do. And that's awesome with the Cat. Any pictures of it?