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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally to one of the top DC Comics swordmaster: Katana. Let's take a look at the new Katana feats in this new universe:

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Katana 1

Manhandle Swords Clan ninjas only using hair-sticks,then use Soutaker to cutt off their swords.

Katana 2

Beat some ninjas with acrobatic and martial arts skills.

Sense Steve Trevor sneak upon her.

Katana 3

Beat dozens mans with acrobatic and sword skills.

Battle Killer Croc while are surrounded by flames.

Katana 4

Taking a bitchslap from Killer Croc and still tried to get revenge on him.

Dodges Creeper's chains.

Battles Creeper without the Soultaker,seeing that couldn't win fooled him to believed the sword is in the bottom of the ocean.

Katana 5

Stabbed one of the Sword Clans leader's Swaggers against a tree.

Demonstrating marksman skills using fans to cut a man's troath.

Katana 8

Katana have mastered Coil's whip sword something that he needs years to do it.

Manages to defeat Coil one of the most proeminent Outsiders' soldier,which already give Tatsu a beaten twice.

Katana 9

Injured by a shard of the Soultaker she fights against 3 Daggers ninjas.

Demonstrated a superb agility comparable with Nightwing.

Battled Mona Shard and the Daggers with a mix of swordsmanship and martial arts.

Birds of Prey 2

Killing some mobsters.

Killing some Cleaners (assassins that wears armors that enhanced their durability and have invisible capabilities).

Birds of Prey 3

Running on the top of a train in movement.

Birds of Prey 4

Battling two Cleaners on the top of a speeding train.

Birds of Prey 5

Battling some mercs alongside the team.

Birds of Prey 7

Black Canary says Katana is able to dodge bullets.

Birds of Prey 8

Facing a guy with nigh-invulnerable skin,Katana endured his blows and manages to outsmart him to step on a hole.

Only using martial arts skills beats the Infiltrator and plays out of the elevator.

Birds of Prey 10

Cutting a goup of plant-men.

Birds of Prey 11

In almost completely darkness cuts a plant-men.

Birds of Prey 13

Jumping between building Katana is caught off guard by the Daggers clan,but manages to kill some of them. Survives from falling of a impressive heights.

Birds of Prey 15

Getting free from chains.

Battle the Daggers Clan ninjas.

Justice League of America 1

Singlehandle a black ops team.

Justice League of America 2

Justice League of America 3

Defeats Ivo's robotic version of Wonder Woman.

Justice League of America 4

Cut off Ivo's Shaggy Man nigh-invulnerable skin.

Justice League of America 5

Cutting of Shaggy nigh-invulnerable skin again.

Justice League of America 6

With the Soultaker Tatsu manages to cutt off Diana's magic swords,which means Soultaker have anti-magical properties.

Trinity of Sins: Phantom Stranger 11

Cuts etheric tentacles that would feed of their life force and willpower.

Cuts the etheric constructs that held Doctor Light's soul.

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Cool beans. Katana has a nice visual, but I can't say I've read much of her. Still, as always, nicely done with the respect thread.

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@veshark: Thank mate!!

Katana 10

Dodging machine gunfire at point blank range nad throw the Soultaker with incredible precision to hit the barrel of the gun.

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I'll read through this when I have time

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Katana's a cool character,yeah.

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Awesome thread man.

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Good Ol Katana, one of the most underrated humans in DC

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Green Arrow 30

Killing soem Spear Clan ninjas.

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Green Arrow 31

Cutt off the arms of Fist Clan's ninjas.

Defeat Onyx,leader of the Fist Clan.

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