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Since the first justice league arc takes place 5 years before present day, what would you think of dc doing a time skip once the series of justice league arcs finally lead to some sort of conclusion. You know like they just take on a major threat and the world is at some sort of peace for awhile and bam! five years goes by. Batman is now even more experieced (maybe gets over damians death), maybe supes and ww have a kid, flash trains kid flash and maybe now we can have wally come into play, aquaman's changes to atlantis are finally going through, and the leagues expand. What would your feelings be if DC did something like this?

I feel it could get them close to the old status quo but keep the new 52 stories and keep newer readers interested

Mangas do this all the time even ones that have been around for like 20 years like one piece

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I would love if character got added in a time skip, I wouldn't really play one out like that though, but yeah another 5yr time skip would be cool in my opinion.

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theyre supposed to be doing a "five years later" thing pretty soon

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@sog7dc said:

theyre supposed to be doing a "five years later" thing pretty soon

Ugh forgot about that weekly series. I'm still uncertain about its potential given the cover and teaser information so far released.

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@sog7dc: I think he means a all out time jump not just a one comic thing.

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Please, don't let Clark and Diana have a kid. PLEASE.

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No, this would be dumb.

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All the teen side kicks would be in their 20s.

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no, i find them boring.

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I didn't care for the time skip. In a way it totally kills the whole point of a reboot.

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The five year gap is the worst thing about the New 52 since even the writers have no idea what happened during that time and are constantly contradicting each other over it...to do it again would be like throwing gas on a burning house

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Well then my response is that they should not do another time skip until they explain what happened during the first time skip