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I wanted to know which justice league member has the best hand to hand combat skills. Batman? Wonder Woman? Aqua Man?

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Batman and then Wonder Woman.

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Batman, by a field.

If old DC is included, Connor Hawke was up there too.

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Batman. Wonder Woman would be a close second.

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Wonder Woman is above Batman in my opinion.. But its close.

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Batman followed very closely by Wonder Woman.

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Batman followed by WW.

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Batman, naturally. I have heard some claims that Diana might be better (Amazon training and all), though I'd still bank on Bats.

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batman and connor hawke

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batman and connor hawke

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I say Wonder Woman first with Batman second.

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Batman's raw skills get emphasized more because he lacks Superpowers. Wonder Women's Amazon training is based on Roman Gladiator training which is less flashy, doesn't use cool kicks and backhands, but the moves she does use are highlighted more because she uses her super powers so the skill is ignored as the moves are not flashy by themselves.

It is funny, if batman punched someone through a window, People would be like "OH SH--!, awesome", if Superman did it people are like "Ha, nice!", if Wonder did it, it is like "oh"!

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Wow, this guy just WANTED to hear everyone say Batman :P

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Without superpowers? Batman clearly. Wonder Woman would only be second. I don't see how Diana mastering one form of martial arts compares to Bruce's 100s of martial arts techniques.

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Easily batman

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Bruce Wayne

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No question. No doubt.

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Batman and Wonder Woman

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Batman would be the obvious choice

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I'd say Wonder Woman then Aquaman I'm not that sure on how much he was trained though, but that's just out of the original team.

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