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So before the New52, Hawkman (archaeologist/reincarnated warrior/ancient weapon user) led the JSA (the team of the past). Superman (reporter of contemporary events/man with the timeless fighting style) led the JLA (the team at their prime. And Cyborg (scientist/protector of a future generation of heroes/futuristic weapon user) led the Titans/Teen Titans.

They were past, present, and future. They had very different personalities. They still do, actually.

Would you buy a mini-series of these three fighting a threat across different times? It sounds like the ultimate adventure to me.

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and it's a really strange team-up

I just don't see them together myself. The book could pull in sales because of Superman's involvement but they just don't mix well enough IMO.

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Yeah that would be awesome. I'm tired of the same old team ups. Love characters interacting that haven't or don't do so a lot. I mean we have so many trinity team ups I want something new

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in one word


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What would the book be about, Superman constantly saving these two C-Listers and waiting them to catch up?