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Michael Jai White should be a more popular action star... He'll never get a chance at Wayne because he's not white, but, damn, that's how batman should fight. Too bad most American actors don't know martial arts. White not only has the skills, he has the build and the athleticism too!

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He has the intimidating voice too. I could see him rock in a Bronze Tiger film. Michael J. White and Ben Turner are both martial arts enthusiasts, haha.

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Deja Vu

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He'd be a Dark Knight.

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Has DC started changing it's characters' races too?

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@dayvid3 said:

Has DC started changing it's characters' races too?

Actually for a lot of characters, yeah.

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i'd rather see idris elba as batman than mjw.

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@captain13: I agree with everything you said.

He has all the prerequisites to be Batman except white skin. Him being cast as Bronze Tiger is a step in the right direction, but the man should get WAY more shine than he does

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I would like to see him as Black Panther. Or Batwing.

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I think he would be an incredible Luke Cage in street level films along with Dare Devil the Punisher and Iron Fist. Barring Idis Elba he is a good choice for John Stewart, I would personally love him as Orion if and when the New Gods are introduced.

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@dayvid3: Bronze Tiger is still black,this is only a transformation that he can turn off at will.

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People will call for his head. They same way they did for Donald Glover and Michael B. Jordan.

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Just watched that movie a few days ago. MJW kicked ass all over the place.

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I think he would do great as Batman. He can still be Batman (hello make up)..after all worsen wells and Robert downey Jr played a black man (Othello and tropic thunder respectively) and eddie Murphey played a white man in coming to America.but yes he would also be perfect as bronze tiger.