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I've never read any Justice League comics. Where should I start?

What are the must read stories? Also is the New 52 JLA worth reading?

Thanks guys!

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Nah, dont bother with new 52 justice league, its just average. Havent read any of the other jl series so i dont know how good or bad they are

I personally recommend grant morrison's jla run

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Grant Morrison's Jla run

Silver age Jla

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There are plenty of good Justice League stories over the years, but really if your question is where to start, I say just pick up New 52 Justice League of America #1-5 and continue from there into the Trinity War crossover where you can decide if you want to add Justice League as well, or switch over to Justice League. Nothing that happened in the old books applies anymore anyway so it's not like you'll be missing anything by skipping them. If you do ever get an urge to read any of those old stories they will always be there.

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@stephensnikt: Pre-New 52: I recommend Grant Morrison,Joe Kelly,Mark Waid's Jla run.

New 52: Well the first 5 issues i mere blockkbuster,but if you want to see their new origins...read. The main Justice League title is getting better after issue twelve.

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new 52 justice league is amazing. Pre52 dont really matter, its been pretty much wiped off with toilet paper and flushed down the crapper.

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Grant Morrison's JLA

DC the new frontier

Throne of Atlantis is very good

The Tornado's path is probably my favorite JLA story

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Grant Morrison's JLA.After that Mark Waid's JLA and the whole volume of the series.Also Keith Giffen's Justice League International.

And don't bother with Justice League because it is not worth the money and JLA is a little bit better but not worth the money also.