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So I went by friend today, my only friend that reads comics like I do. Who I am, and where I'm from........people don't read comics. I used to get drilled by people when I would say "adults buy comics, not kids. Not anymore blah blah blah." Now they've seen the films and get what I'm saying. What ever

My point is that I have 1 friend that reads comics and I charish when I get to get together with him and talk about the subject that so many of us have loved for so long, and have gotten blasted about from other people. We know why we love the medium of comics, and we're sick of explaining ourselves.

Today tho, I went by my buddy and he asked me if I had a couple hours to waist because he had a copy of Justice League Flashpoint Paradox and wanted me to watch it. He said he hadn't seen it yet, but I think he was lying.

Now When Flashpoint was the news of the day and we all knew that it was going to lead into the New 52. I was just as curious as everyone. Asking questions like "Why even revamp?" of if I was an older reader "Really, a revamp? Again?" I was also excited because it was basically DC's version of their own "Age of Apocalypse" and anyone who reads both Marvel and DC, knew why that was exciting.

So Flashpoint came out, and ran thru every title. I wasn't happy. I hated most of the titles. I hated the actual mini-series of Flashpoint. I just wasn't happy with it. I'm not happy with the New 52 revamp either, but I won't get into that. i've already got more outside from the review then I wanted too, but there's a reason. JUSTICE LEAGUE FLASHPOINT IS AWSOME!!!!!!

I've read Flashpoint twice just to make sure I didn't like, or maybe with a second sitting I might change my mind. I didn't, but this film is just great.

The manga style format starts out a little rough. Characters heads are way to small on them, and it's noticable. Doesn't matter. It starts right off differant then the mini-series or what led up to it in The Flash books. We've all seen DCC animated films, and they change things. We've watched enought of these to expect it now so the anger isn't as drastic.

This film takes enough from the comic version to make people happy. It throws in enough to touch down on everyone that was involved in the story, but it's the film version of that story that makes it so great. It is by far the most violent of any DC animated film, and it has quite a few moments that had me wide-eyed because of what they actually out in the film. It doesn't really hold back. I asked myself if it was rate R actually. It's that violent at times.

It's fun. It's for adults. It's a Flash story too. I am so pleased with this version, and I think a lot of people will be also. it doesn't cram to much in it's hour and a half tale either. it's just long enough and there is not any more that is needed. Now I loved DKR animated, and I think that's DC's best film, but not by much. I might actually change my mind if I watch this again. It's really good, but all I can say is have an open mind to some of the changes because they work. I'm sure there where will be moments where you'll be watching this and say. "WOW!!"

I almost forgot. DC animated fans are going to be really happy at the returning voices used in this film also. Lot's of returns.

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I watched it and didn't like it. I guess it's an alright movie for people who haven't read the comics, but I couldn't like it too much. The animation style is not for me. The proportions are weird and quite distracting, Thomas Wayne conveys so little emotion - in the book you could sense his desperation; I didn't know it was possible to convey less emotion with animation and voice acting than with a picture and text. The conversation Barry has with his mother right before the end is missing completely and the fact that his father was convicted for his mother's death and died in prison (which serves as additional motivation for preventing the murder/ explains his reluctance to change things back) is missing too.

There were some minor unneccessary changes as well, but that was to be expected and I didn't mind them too much.

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It was great

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Wasn't a fan of it. Waaaaay too depressing.

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@sinestro_gl: Well let's be honest, Flashpoint the comic was hardly sunshine and rainbows.

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@backflip said:

@sinestro_gl: Well let's be honest, Flashpoint the comic was hardly sunshine and rainbows.

True, but somehow the film did feel a whole lot more depressing than the comic ever was.

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Never thought anything could make Aquaman a badass. But they did it lol

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Never thought anything could make Aquaman a badass. But they did it lol

Just curious, have you ever actually read an Aquaman comic?

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@the_superior_sapien said:

Never thought anything could make Aquaman a badass. But they did it lol

Just curious, have you ever actually read an Aquaman comic?

Yup. And anyone who has knows what I'm talking about ;)

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@jamdamage: Ive seen all the DC Animations and this is up their as one of my favorites. It was violent and it was surprising. I thought the wonder woman movie was violent but this one is much more violent. I think you shouldnt let kids watch this one. The main reason i liked it more because it focused more on Flash. Flash needs more love. Flash and WW are my favorite DC characters. I am more of a Marvel guy especially the cosmic power characters but I always enjoy the DC animations. They do a good job.

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Awesome movie. Best things in it: The Rogues, Aquaman, The Flash and the appearance of Grifter. Pure awesomeness of an animated film really.

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Yeah, while the art was a little off-putting at times I really enjoyed the movie as a whole. I'm actually planning on picking it up in Blu-ray soon. I bought the Flashpoint trade after. It could have been because the movie might have taken elements from the side stories but I didn't find it nearly as good.