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Poll: Justice League movie director, Zack Snyder? Who do you want? (21 votes)

Zach Snyder 52%
David Goyer 5%
Christopher Nolan 24%
The Washowki's 5%
J.J. Abrams 24%
Ben Affleck 19%

Zack Snyder confirms that if Man of Steel does great and WB green light the film, he will surely be asked to direct it. A rumor is that David Goyer will be asked to write the script and maybe direct.

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Either Ben or JJ.

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Zack Snyder directing

David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan writing.

Christopher Nolan and JJ Abrams producing.

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Martin Scorsese LOL.

Let's see how he makes a superhero movie :D

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JJ or nolan

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Surprising I would of thought people would choose Christopher Nolan.