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Apparently this guy read the script of Justice League Mortal and posted a summary of it. Its based on the Brother Eye story arc.It had some potential though. I'm not going to put up the whole thing right now though just parts.

It starts off with a funeral for an unnamed Justice League member. There is a crowd of thousands there and Superman is in his black suit. A few days earlier Batman was paranoid and he was using a sattelite to wath the justice league and find their weaknesses. Alfred came in and Batman turned the monitor off. They both leave the cave the screen turns on being overided. Barry Allen has a crush on WW and kind of does some hero worship to all the other heroes. Brother Eye targets Martian Manhunter and traps him. Martian Manhunter, WW, Flash and Aquaman are at Dianas home. Then MM is on fire, Diana and Flash save MM but he spontaneously combusts. They keep Martian Manhunter in Dianas pool to prevent anything else from happening. Investagating Manhunters condition Supes visits Aquaman who also likes WW it apears his left hand is cut off and uses a hand made out of water. Meanwhile an OMAC attacks Batman in the batcave and they reveal that Maxwell Lord is behind it and Talia is working with him. Batman also then figures out someone took control of Brother Eye. Then it seems the plan for taking out the Justice League starts. John Stewart at the cemetary uses his ring to project a 3d model of Hal Jordans memorial but he starts losing control of his rings creations screaming in pain. At Dianas place Aquaman gets offended by Flash calling him Aquaman instead of King Arthur. A small robotic mosquito bites Aquaman infecting him with aquaphobia. Aquaman discards his water hand and shoots it around MM who was still in the pool. Finally MM can leave the pool and Supes realizes these are targeted attacks. Manhunter senses Johns pain and superman and Flash go to help probably because they can get there fastest. At the batcave Batman beats the OMAC. Then the batcomputer starts showing Batman whats happening to the other heroes. Flash and Superman save GL but he is nearly blind and they go back to Dianas place. The group then started discussing on who could be doing this. A lot of names are mentioned, they start focusing on who else is targeted. Aquaman brings up Batman and Flash says Batman isn't worth the villains time because he has no super powers. Everyone stares at Flash angrily. For protection Superman says he that we should all go to the Fortress of Solitude. Flash is overly excited.

What do you think of it?

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I've only read roughly half of the script, but it sounds like there's a lot going on and it's almost difficult to believe this was so close to going into production.

A more detailed version can be found on 4chan here: http://chanarchive.org/4chan/co/44688/here-s-a-few-excerts-of-the-script-of-justice-league-mortal-a-unproduced-live-action-movie-from-2007

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@Bludhaven: Yeah its really bad. They throw us right in the middle of something, and barry allen is annoying.

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@Bludhaven: Wierd website.

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@Backflip: It had alot of potential but the execution is beyond poor.

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@backflip: Actually it would be ok for comic readers but horrible for the general audience.