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I'm having difficulty finding out whether or not Justice League of America and JLA's Vibe tie-ins with the main Justice League title. I left comics for couple months as I had more important obligations to take of and is somewhat behind on comic issues; However now that I regrouped, I was wondering if those other titles crossed over with Justice League like they have before. I am on issue Justice League #20, Justice League of America #3, & JLA's Vibe #4.

What is the chronological order if so?

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I know that the Trinity War is starting after issue #21 and JLD will be apart of the crossover, but are the other titles linked to all other JL issues?

Anyone understand what I'm trying to say?

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Justice League of America and Vibe started right at the same time but so far they havent had any major crossover other than characters and settings. They have told very self contained stories. Justice League of America takes place right after the last issue of Throne of Atlantis in number 17 but that issue only sets up the premise of JLA it has no direct crossover where its absolutley necessary to read one to understand the other.

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@noj: Sounds good, thanks again for the help. I think that is what got me confused, from the characters and settings that are depicted in each titles, for example Flash, Batman, Hawkman, etc. (Justice League, Justice League of America, JLA's Vibe, Justice League Dark, Justice League International, etc.)