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The Good

FOREVER EVIL is finally over. It had some fun and interesting moments. Now we get to see the repercussions and aftermath. A big one is Lex Luthor is now seen as a hero by the general public. We see on the cover that Lex and Captain Cold is part of the League. Surely this can't go well with the other members. That's part of the fun here, seeing how the heck this can all happen.

Before we get into that part, we do see the war might not be fully over. The Secret Society still exists. Sort of. It makes for a great scene.

The truth is, Lex is a great character. He can be a complex one as well. His motives and actions are never quite what you'd expect. This clearly adds a new dynamic to the team and book. Add to that, the mystery of the power ring from Earth 3, there's not going to be any time to relax after FOREVER EVIL.

The art here is top notch. I'm not usually a fan of more than one artist on one issue but when it's Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke, who could complain about that?

The Bad

Lex as a hero and part of the Justice League is pretty far out. Regardless of how much positive press the League might need after this fiasco, allowing Lex into their ranks just seems a bit much. Yes, it's going to be interesting to see play out. But it feels like a matter of how long until he shows his true colors? And I don't want to make the comparison but it feels like when Norman Osborn was seen as a hero after SECRET INVASION.

Very minor concerns with the art. Captain Cold looked really young, younger than I remember noticing before. You could see a difference in the way Reis and Mahnke drew Lex's head.

The Verdict

It's a new dawn for the Justice League. The League managed to survive against the Crime Syndicate but at the price of Lex Luthor now seen as a hero. Lex on the League seems like a crazy idea but seeing how it works out will add some spice to the title. Who doesn't like seeing tension between team members? Now that FOREVER EVIL is over, we can get ready for what's next. By the look of things here, it's not going to be easy for the team.

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DOOM PATROL YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Damn it Johns, stop teasing me. I miss the DP. The only member I noticed in the shadows was Negative Man. Now I have to wait all the way to August. Bullsh*t :(

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That last page doh...Johns is onto something,I'm sure he'll come up with something original and Great! The whole lasso of truth scene pretty much proved Lex bared his soul plus that was one of my favorite moments since the new 52 began :D

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@ultimatesmfan: I still don't trust him. Maybe his suit has some way to override the lasso? I dunno.

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I can't help but feel DC is slowly trying to 'fix' The New 52 Universe? Certain Titles being cancelled, reintroduction of older ones with modern takes on them, maybe its me….

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@g_man: Oh me neither(It is Lex Luthor), I was actually taken aback by that whole scene. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Damn waiting game!

@mrfuzzynutz: I'm getting that vibe as well. We can be hopeful!

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@ultimatesmfan: The New 52 universe is not going anywhere. Just stop already. If you hate it then don't read it. It's that simple.

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we knew from the get go osborn was still evil but with lex luthor we have no idea i mean they use the lasso of truth I wondering did lex truly change?

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@johnny_blaze: Oh God @mrfuzzynutz: said fix the new 52, not reboot it but more like steer it down a better path and i agreed with him. Don't jump to conclusions and tell off anybody.

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So far I like where things are going. JL has been picking up steam.

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Looks like I'm going to be jumping back on JL.

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A Decent issue

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Does the lasso work if it isn't touching his skin?

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Really liked the issue, I am really liking how Geoff Johns has been writing Lex Luthor lately

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@johnny_blaze: Robotman (quite possibly the Brain) and Element Woman were also there

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Oh wow. I can't wait to see Bruce's reaction to the revelation. I'm just wondering, but has Superman been that distrusting of Lex from the beginning, I mean even in pre-52 era? I thought Superman had some sense that Lex is a good person, even with his obsessive nature of dominance.

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Good read. I really like the character of Lex in this story

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Oh wow. I can't wait to see Bruce's reaction to the revelation. I'm just wondering, but has Superman been that distrusting of Lex from the beginning, I mean even in pre-52 era? I thought Superman had some sense that Lex is a good person, even with his obsessive nature of dominance.

You should read Superboy the boy of steel, also by Geoff Johns. You'll see why Superman doesn't trust him at all and even though there is literal proof of his apparent redemption here, he can't be trusted.

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Hmmm Superman kinda seems like he's being a bit of a super dick to Lex, the guy saved the world! and Lasso proved that he's not out to get them... Really looking forward to the next issue.

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I am totally down with seeing another side of Lex and Cold. I had been VERY cautious but seeing Lex actually feel something and worry for Bizarro made me think he could be a good, complex antihero. Plus I just love the hell out of anything Captain Cold is in. Coolest dude around.

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Could anyone tell me if this a must get after reading Forever Evil 7???

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@spideyfan3160: I believe the lasso worked on Green Lantern once just by virtue of his gloved hand being tangled up in the lasso by accident.

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@kingares109: If you really liked Lex Luthor in Forever Evil and want to discover what happens to him afterwards then yes. However it doesnt follow up on the cliffhanger of Forever Evil if thats what youre asking.

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@johnny_blaze: Wait, didn't they already get their asses kicked in one of forever evil tie ins? And if I remember correctly, they changed it to Negative Woman.

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@noj: Damn...I was hoping they talk about what happen....Where everyone go...But I did like Lex..

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Loved this issue. Johns is finally doing something with the league and I'm excited to see how it is going forward with lex and whatever wrecked the crime syndicates world.