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My friend says it's awesome and fun to read. But when I come on here I see a lot of hate for the series. What makes this book so bad? Or good?

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The book isn't bad at all (I quite like it, actually), it's just not as good as Hellblazer.

Hellblazer had a rich, 25 year history that was halted to give way for the New 52. It's also worth noting Hellblazer was very graphic, had sex, drugs and gore in almost every issue, it was loaded with mature themes.

In contrast, the series Constantine is toned down from that.

The new Constantine isn't bad, but it's not the same as it used to be.

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It's actually pretty good, just not hellbazer Constantine everyone loves.

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like they said above, its just toned down more. but, hey, its still the same john Constantine, n if you've got the love for him im sure you will love the new 52 Constantine. so go give it a try n see for yourself, don't listen to the haters, only you can decide fella!!!!

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I tried it out but it seemed too lighthearted and I just wasn't entertained by it.

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i like it, but then again i didnt read the previous volume. at all.

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I dropped it after four issues. It wasn't bad...just not good enough to stay on my pull.

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I like it. Different from HB, but good nontheless.

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I've enjoyed the series so far. The writing from Fawkes has been solid.

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The first few issues started of kind of slow but it picked up when the Trinity War hit, I like that he's a dick and he's cool with that. His interactions with the JL heroes make for some great moments, much like Batman (I find him utterly dull if he's not in a JL setting). He quickly rose to my top 5 list of heroes, in company of Superman, Shazam, Aquaman and Green Lantern (Hal). If not Constantine you should pick up Master of the Universe vs DC. It seems he's going to be a key player in this.

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It's generic, that doesn't mean it's bad, it's just by the numbers.

John Constantine is not a generic character, and deserves a comic that strived for more, which was Vertigo's Hellblazer.