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My three personal favorites are her past/present, depending on your perspective, Marvel now look, her New Xmen look, and her good old green phoenix costume

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Kind of partial to...

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I liked a lot the New X-Men one, while I think that the original one is the worst.

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@dayvid3: bah-hahahaha! that's pretty good..

@jojo111: I can't get down with anything to do with the Phoenix, just can't do it.

I do think most characters can pull off the school uniform, but I always think she looks weird with the original mask. Although I do like versions of it that have her hair coming out the top, or that just forgo the mask altogether.

But my all time favourites would probably be a tie between this X-factor outfit

and her Morrison era look, depending on the tone of the story or what she's doing, I guess.

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Morrison's look for Jean will always be my fave.

But, i always did have a soft spot for this costume, always hoped that had she return one day (cause she will), it'd be in a remake of this:

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Never looked that great to me :I

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@dayvid3 said:

Kind of partial to...

My favorite as well.

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I really liked the New X-Men look:

White Phoenix of the Crown looks cool, too. Too bad going Phoenix tends to put her more on the Cosmic side and ruins her reasons for being an X-Man:

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@judasnixon: @phoenixofthetides:

I dunno if you guys know this, but it's an interesting piece of trivia that the white Phoenix costume was actually the original design. It was rejected in favour of the classic green because, due to the way comics were printed in the late 70's, the art editors realized that you'd be able to read the next page through her costume.

I've actually always thought that would have been a cool effect, given the nature of her powers, but I guess it would've seemed a bit random if the next page was an add for X-ray specs, fruit pies, or a "realistic" human skeleton -only 75 cents!

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for me the phoenix uniform (all of them) are classic as hell! she looks great, sexy, powerful in that outfit.

but morrisons also did a great job too, she looks imponent and respectfull.

the one that i dont like is the 90s uniform...

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This one's counted, right?


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As Karen Grant with brunette hair.

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I Love her original Age of Apocalypse costume, along with her blue X-Factor outfit, her green Phoenix outfit (although I tend to like the way it looked on the animated series more so than the comic for some reason) and her current All-New X-Men outfit.

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Just so slick, cool and hip looking!

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The 90's look.