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Anyone have all the unlocked characters they want to share? Or could that risk your other accounts? Comment your thoughts or your WBID :)

Lets PM each other and then threw our emails.

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I don't have one, but I did use someone elses account and got all of them (I can't remember what it was), so unless they've used the account for anything prior to the IOS game there shouldn't be any real risk involved on their part.

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@laserlambert: I would hope not, just my luck that you don't remember lol. My psn buddy and I are going to try and unlock a Batman card for the IOS version threw the console version tomorrow. All you have to do is fight 1v1 on online, fight in Metropolis, then kick the guy threw 3 level transitions and win the fight.

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I have the iOS game, but I don't have a console to play the real game on. Wanna share ID's? I've only unlocked Knightfall Bane and New 52 GL, but I've got a few icons and backgrounds as well.

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@gavinslayer: I've got those already, someone else might come along who doesn't have an Ipod that might need it. Make sure PM tho

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@avenging_x_bolt: I don't have to console version, do you mind sharing your wbid with me

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@avenging_x_bolt: I've unlocked almost everything for the console (I have iOS), and would share my WBID so that I can get the iOS unlocks. Interested?

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@avenging_x_bolt: I've unlocked almost everything for the console (I have iOS), and would share my WBID so that I can get the iOS unlocks. Interested?

no thanks, i have everything i need now.

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@avenging_x_bolt: It'd really help me out if I could get some of those console unlocks :)

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i need someones wbid from ios to unlock stuff on my console plzz

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@ccraft: if you want some good unlocks for the iOS version, the WBID is clemsonspider@gmail.com and password is clemsonspider

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My name is KA_DINE on skype pm me if you are interested in my wbid acc i play on ios i have unlocked everything but i need console unlocks

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I have it on ios just not console would someone please share there WBID with me.

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@avenging_x_bolt could you share your Warner Brothers Id with me my email is Jessesullivan56@gmail.com

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Hi, i need someone to login my wbid in console, i have most unlocks for the console and i am in need of ios unlocks.

Please login my account in console

Email: dmoliva@mymail.mapua.edu.ph

Pass: Aem01Dun


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Hi I'm new.coukd someone kindly log me on to a console:

Email: Nujakk@hotmail.com

PW: dragon6566

I'm playing ios but I know I'll never have access to a console. I love this game. If I can do anything pls let me knw. Thanks in advance

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Hello, I dont have the Console version. Can someone who has everything unlocked please log me in . I have unlocked everything on mobile besides Batman Beyond, Hidden and Gold Portrait. Thanks

UN: mulch773@gmail.com PW: injustice1

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Can someone help me to please, I also need mobile unlocks on my ios for injustice. But I don't have a console, can someone with all the unlocks for mobile please log me onto their console. I'll be so greatful :) My email: redbiking@yahoo.com.vn pass : thucanh03 thanks in advance

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I have all iOS unlocks for counsle but need counsle unlocks for iOS. Skype: onlyuseuhblade twitter: SargentStevenD please help.

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Can someone with console version login on my account email bobfartly@gmail.com pass bobf1116

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Please everyone.. I really need a WBID accounts.. Please pm me.. I just got started this game and I really need it.. Please everyone.. Please..

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i have ALL console unlocks i wil trade for batman beyond ios unlock @gatorboy1117@gmail.com

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Can some one hook me up for a batman beyond and arkham Harley? I have all unlocks for console except prison superman (4 battles away from beating it.) so help me out please!!!!

#26 Posted by Derekreese (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Can someone who has unlocked a lot of stuff please log me in?

Email: realderekreese@gmail.com

Password: Derek123

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looking for a console friend to help me out with getting the mobile unlocks for my iPhone mobile.
I have almost finished the game in mobile

user: hollywoodpy@hotmail.com
pass: a123456


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Need someone with the console version to unlock stuff on the mobile version please. Please reply if you have done it. Thank you.

username: tybentley1234

password: stained1

#29 Posted by stevogilley9 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

deadstevo420@gmail.com......fuckit11 please log me in on console

#30 Posted by tilrak (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I am also looking for a console to like my phone to. Please respond or PM me if you would be able to do this for me! Thanks

#31 Posted by jkirk131 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm actually looking for someone to share their WBID to my console so I can unlock the skins on it. Please PM or respond if you can help. Thanks.

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Idk have the injustice app and I wanted the BA's new52 costume on PS4 and I swear just google it and you will find forums of people exchanging shit, then just enter them in, at first I didn't think it would work but then out of nowhere everything started unlocking so I got all the app exclusive unlocks including BA's new52 it was awesome.

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Can someone plz help me with my mobile version plz pm me

#34 Posted by adeyosola (1 posts) - - Show Bio
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hello, could someone please login on the console with my wbid so i get the unlockables on mobile? plz pm me

#36 Posted by 1029384756 (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Help level me up my wbir is gatorboy1117 @gmail.com. PW.pennyboard1

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@jkirk131: do you have the console version finished? if so email me at spider9475@aol.com. i have all te mobile unlocked but 1 thing

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hi ,

I have the ios verison and I need to someones console ID to unlock stuff on my iOS . Please help.

#39 Posted by cris_salgado_14 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Hi, I have the ios version of the game, I barely started playing and I need someone on the console version to help me unlock stuff. Please help me.

WBID is Csalgado81@yahoo.com

Pw: Csalgado81

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#41 Posted by dennismartin (4 posts) - - Show Bio

can some one help me unlock everything injustice among us. plez help me

WBID is den.omok@gmail.com


or email me: den.omok@gmail.com