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I was thinking to myself if they made a Icon movie would it be rejected. From the beginning of the Milestone company in the 90's he has been seen as the Black Superman. And even if they did make the movie who would play him ( Not Will Smith ).

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I don't think so.

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He's a highly underrated character but if a movie was made it wouldn't receive immediate success but down the road it would become a hit DVD release like Dredd.

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Depends on how they did the movie, but I could see Morris Chestnut playing Icon pretty well.

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it would have alot going against it but they could still try

1) most of the black actors who have acting skills to play him are too old. Will, Mooris Chestnut, Wesley etc are all too old. I mean will smith could do it but he already did hancock. Maybe Michael Jai White?

2) with the success of man of steel it would be just seen as a rip off so they'd have to hype it completely different and show the differences in his story

3) popularity... Icons been around for a while and never got the attention. Most of the milestone characters don't. Even now that hes owned by DC they don't use him. He was in the backround on 2 episodes of young justice and thats all i can think of since the new 52. They would have a better chance making a static shock movie and having him cameo there as like a already established hero who gives static advice in the end like hardware did in the comic and then get his own movie..

All the being said, I'd do it/watch it, cuz as a fan i get tired of directors retreding the same characters over and over. I heard their about to reboot blade next. Why not just give a new character a try and build it up instead of restarting superman 4 times, 3 batmans...etc...i kno they sell but come one be creative.

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@glforhire: I totally agree with everything you said. All the current, notable actors that could do the role of Icon justice is just too old, but I've always been a fan of lesser to unknown actors taking on the role superhero/comic book characters.

Even before Man of Steel a lot of people just seem intent on labeling Icon as a Superman rip off cause of their similarities, which is nothing more than a misguided comparison.

I've had the same idea of a Milestone/Dakota-verse movie franchise by starting out with a Static movie and introducing other Milestone characters in that movie which in turn will make it easier to get their solo movie off the ground.

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I think that it would be rejected. The name alone Icon does not inspire a large enough fan-base and what little is presumed about him by the general populace is that he is a black superman. Also there is no premise that you mentioned so the executives have no reason to say yes to a movie with a super hero that doesn't sell.