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There have been multiple Hulks over the years, smart, dumb, professor, Joe Fixit, world breaker amongst others but what do you prefer? I was sad when I read the Indestructible Hulk and current Avengers series to see that they dumbed the Hulk down again.I like my Hulk talking, not the dumb childish one that only says smash. I have loved Hulk my whole life but when Planet Hulk happened and Hulk was actually talking and was in tandem with Banner I had never been happier with my Hulk. From Planet Hulk through World War Hulk it was awesome. Seeing this talkative more individual Hulk carry over into The Incredible Hulk, which became The Incredible Hulks was my favorite time reading a Hulk series. Events like Chaos War and Dark Reign had great tie ins and arcs that really shaped the books like Fall of the Hulks, World War Hulks and Dark Son were great. This is a great run not only because Hulk was an actual person and not a dumb, voiceless brute but because Skaar, the She Hulks and A-Bomb were part of the cast. The Jason Aaron Incredible Hulk series was great too sadly it only lasted 15 issues.

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The one at the end of World War Hulk.

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The green one

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eh, I can do with either as long as they written right.

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The one where Dr.Phil takes Banner's place.

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I prefer the dumb Hulk. It seems way more fitting than a smart Hulk.


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WWH or cosmic hulk

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@mitran said:

The one at the end of World War Hulk.

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which ever the strongest

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Dumb Hulk

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Joe Fixit. Strong & street smart.

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The post-Chaos War Hulk.

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Fixit, followed by the semi smart green one from the 60's.

I don't think you can build up characterization with the two year old version, but I don't dig Banner smart or Conan styled or any of that.

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ed norton....

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World War Hulk & Hulk Hogan brotha!

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I like the simplicity of Savage Hulk, the badassery and presence of Green Scar and the overall coolness of Joe Fixit.

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never read a hulk comic, but I do love the one that his new show portrays. I feel hulk and banner should cooperate to some extent

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Savage Hulk

World War Gravage Hulk

Joe Fixit.


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i do like the green scar one i hoping for a round 2 with sentry.

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@facemelter88: did you read indestructible hulk 11? Hulk actually talked in full sentences at the end

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Bandless Hulk

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Planet Hulk....he showed a tenderness in that story I never knew existed. World War hulk started to annoy me near the end. A total disregard for the safety of anyone around him, he was arguably more menace than hero in that particular storyline. My other favourite is ruffalo Hulk from the Avengers. He pulled some seriously impressive stunts!

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I think that any incarnation works well. Though personally I like Savage.