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If you were writing a series or an arch involving Skaar & X-23...

Which direction would you take Laura & Skaar?

What kind of stories would you create/write?

Would you write something akin to the classic comics?

Would you bring in elements that we've seen or are familiar with?

Would you bring in new elements and ideas as well?

Which artists would you bring in for your story arcs?

Which villains would appear?

Which characters would be featured in the title from time to time?

Would you create new characters, villainous and heroic alike?

Would Skaar & X-23's relationship be platonic? Or would it grow into something more amorous?

Let's have some fun with this!

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@saren said:

@greenscar1990 said:

Would Skaar & X-23's relationship be platonic? Or would it grow into something more amorous?

Isn't Skaar like, three years old?

He's a teenager. Oldstrong Shadow People mature faster than humans. He's about 13-16 years old in appearance currently.

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I'd have the two show up in the second season of a Young Avengers show. The first season would involve the original group (Kate Bishop, Patriot, Wiccan, Hulkling, Stature, Vision, Iron Lad and Speed) proving themselves to the Avengers. The finale for the first season would involve the team going to the future to fight Kang and would end with Stature apparently dead (she's alive and trapped in the Microverse, but that doesn't get found out until part way through the second season), Vision deactivated by Iron Lad, Iron Lad on his way to becoming Kang, and Patriot retiring from superheroing due to guilt about Cassie and Vision's deaths (he was the team leader up 'til this point, with Kate taking over as leader).

The second would involve them attending Avengers Academy, where they are joined by Prodigy and America Chavez, and would serve as a backdoor pilot for an Avengers Academy spin-off series centered around Hazmat, Mettle, Reptil, Finesse, Striker, and Vei.. I'd have X-23 join the core cast of Young Avengers, leading to a two-part midseason finale involving the Facility, Trigger Scent, and Debbie and Megan Kinney. Skaar would appear in a one-off episode of early in the second season where he teams up with the Young Avengers to raid an A.I.M. facility trying to create more Hulks.

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Old Man Laura. An elderly grizzled veteran Laura teams up with Kate Bishop to stop Sin, but twist time. Turns out Skaar has some children of his own and…

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Since the X-Men are going to be in an arc with the Guardians soon, and Skaar is/was a cosmic character, I would have the Guardians somehow be involved, maybe Nova as well. I'd love to see a Skaar vs Angela fight.