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I've been getting increasingly interested the Hulk. Ive always known and liked the Jade giant since I was a kid but have never thought about digging into His comic archives until recently. I've been loving the current ongoing, Indestructible Hulk, and was hoping to get some recommendations on other Hulk stories as he's a character I find becoming one of my favorites.

I've already heard much about Planet Hulk and I intend this to be my starting point. But I'd like to know some other good trades and single issues/story arcs as well. I also want to check out some classic Hulk stories so I'd appreciate those recommendations too.

Alright, so what do you guys suggest?

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Incredible Hulk Pardoned

Incredible hulk Regression

Incredible Hulk Crossroads

Incredible Hulk Visionaries Jonh Byrne

Incredible Hulk Visionaries Peter David Vol 1-8

Planet Hulk

World War Hulk

Incredible hulks By Greg pak

Indestructible Hulk bY Mark Waid

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i really enjoyed hulk grey. really good insight into the hulk's origin story.