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What's your favorite version of the Incredible Hulk? Any version from TV, movies, comics, etc.

Mine would have to be.....

Hulk from EMH....he's still a raging beast, yet he can speak full sentences and has much growth as a character. Yes, he's a monster but still has that cool macho man personality...

Runner up would be:

Hulk from Avengers. Hulk was the best part of that movie.

I also like World War Hulk, Hulk from Incredible Hulk (movie) and Indestructible Hulk alot too.

What are yours?

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Appearance wise, the Hulk in Marvel's The Avengers didn't have enough muscular definition. All-around, however, he was my favorite. It showed that the Hulk isn't bad; he's just misunderstood and is actually good... or at least neutral.

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World War Hulk. I liked the purpose behind the story, Banner and Hulk together, and the story itself despite being one of the most ridiculous PIS filled stories I've ever read.

And I do like Worldbreaker Hulk as well. The energy projection gives me that old school DBZ vibe.

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@god_spawn: How was it ridiculously PIS filled? Hulk beating Dr. Strange is laughable, Hulk beating Sentry is debatable. But I would think the others aren't PIS.

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@jj62: Too many plot devices. Stark's tech being sabotaged. Strange coming to his senses and Hulk pounding him. Black Bolt being a skrull and a weaker version of the real character. Ghost Rider coming unhinged then just leaving. The best Reed Richards (and T'Challa) could come up with was a light that just simulated Sentry's rays in an attempt to calm him down. Sentry not being at full capacity.

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@god_spawn: How was Stark's tech sabotaged exactly?

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The Planet Hulk animated film was my most enjoyable exposure to the character

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I'm fairly new to Hulk's comics though.

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Joe Fixit!

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this is a tough one, i'd say World War Hulk and Savage( indestructible, bill mantlo hulk. etc. Savage is Savage).

followed by Joe Fixit.

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...D*** this a good one...I'm A fan of Classic Hulk the most, mainly becasue in the more classic stories the writers better illustrated the tragedy that is the Hulk/Bruce life (And I LOVE TRAGIC STORIES)and how all Hulk wanted to find was a place to call him own but couldn't becasue of his Undeserved reputation and appearance.WB Hulk a close number 2 Indestructible is #3 but only because it's more Banner Then Hulk

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Gravage, followed by Green Scar then Joe Fixit.

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@kramotz: The nanite bomb Stark used on Hulk were meant to shut off Hulk's powers and revert him to Banner. But Hardball replaced the nanite vile with a fake.

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I like Sakaar, Grey, and Savage a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a heck of a lot. Deciding between Sakaar and Grey is really difficult. Savage takes 2nd place until I figure which of these takes 1st.

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The Savage Hulk. He´s the one with all the feats and history and it´s also the Hulk that everybody knows and loves.

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The one from the Incredible Hulk animated series.

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Grey Hulk (Original or Ultimate)

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You know What? i don't have a favorite hulk, With the exclusion of hulk 2003, Jason aarons and Jones's Hulk, every hulk is my favorite.Over the years I've seen a lot of people claim to be a hulk fan, mostly because he is one of the most powerful beings Ever. However Thous people, to me ,are no hulk fans. Sure, i love hulk because he is the strongest there is, but what most people don't understand is that strength!! is not hulks defining quality. why ? because A character is not defined by his powers, people don't love spider-man because he shoots webs or sticks to walls, people love spider-man because of Peter Parker, a nerdy , witty, responsible hero. The same thing can be said for the hulk, because without Bruce Banner hulk is nothing. Bruce makes hulks anger unique, and hulks anger makes Bruce a sympathetic character. Hulk has many interesting qualities, and his multiple incarnations is one of them, you see characters like the hulk are very interesting because you can't get bored with a character that is full of riddles, writers like taking on the hulk because they can execute their own views of the character. Savage hulk, world war hulk, Joe fixit, and many other hulk versions have their own power sets , personality , and appearance, which makes hulk all the more interesting. Moreover, The Hulk is an interesting character because he has a unique relationship with Bruce banner, we've seen them as both enemies and as allays, but at the end of the day, no matter how they look at each other, they hate each others guts. This is a great dynamic because even though hulk fights insanely powerful guys, his most interesting clash takes place within him. Furthermore, no matter how people look at it, The hulk and Bruce are both heroes, this makes hulk intriguing because he is always misunderstood and viewed upon as a monster , yet, he still finds a way to do the right thing. The Hulk teaches people a great thing, it shows you that everyone has a monster within them, but Bruce banner manages to redirect that monster and turn him into a hero, because hulk is Bruce, he is simply a different aspect. The Hulk is also one of the most iconic marvel characters ever created, he is easily recognized by many people including both adults and children. The hulk/Bruce banner is my number one super hero, he always was an always will be.

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I like Professor Hulk and Savage Hulk. I think they both represent what the Hulk was really about. The Professor is really Banner and his brain within Hulk's body, while the Savage Hulk represents Banner's repressed emotional state and his release valve. I give honorable mention to the "Heroes Return" Hulk which was almost a middle ground between Savage and Professor and Joe Fixit.

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hmmmm. interesting question. off hand I would say Grey hulk incarnation, but not necissarily always "Joe Fixit" persona. I liked Grey Hulk because he is not quite as uber strong/unstoppable, but still in the upper tier. He's cunning,crafty, a bit mean, and has a distinct personality. Some of the storylines done with the Grey hulk in the 80's were fantastic (maybe because I'm biased....i was growing up at the time), I love what Peter David did with the character..........and who could forget such battles as : grey hulk/wolverine, grey hulk/x-factor, grey hulk/super skrull, grey hulk/green hulk!, and grey hulk/uni-powered spiderman?

all of which leads me into another favorite.........."Professor Hulk".........when all hulk "personalities" were intergrated by Samson into full Banner control. This was such a great, new thing at the time and made for some great stories.

I kinda also was fond of Maestro Hulk. I really always though She-Hulk was hot. is that wrong?

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This one . . .

The Savage Hulk.

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The Green Scar.

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Mark Waid's Savage Hulk and anything from Greg Pak.

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