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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally the one of most badass superhero of all times: Hawkman. Let's take a look at the new Hawkman feats in this new universe.

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The Savage Hawkman 0

Character profile

After an enemy race spread disease among their race, the Thanagarians began to lose its wings and royal family sought out the Nth metal, whose mystical propertyies could restore their wings. Corsal Thar try to connect with,but only could make metal glove and turn it into a sword.

Unlike his brother, Carter was able to use the properties of Nth metal unexpectedly, recreating their own functional wings.

Defeating Corsal Thar (Thanagrian's leader and supreme warrior) in a unarmed combat and slap a soldier with the wings,despite being a pacifist, he possesses military training.

Its seems Carter posses knowledge on driving spaceships.

The Savage Hawkman 1

Coming to Earth Carter became amnesic and losing control over the metal, which lay dormant for years and after try to get rid of it,the armor takes an energy form to re-bonded with him. Show the first healing factor feat.

Manifestating the Nth metal.

Handling infected people and alien minions,Hawkman ends up being overhelmed by Morphicious which is stated to be 10 times stronger than him. The Nth metal automatically tried to protects from having their lifeforce absorbed.

The Savage Hawkman 2

Morphicious succeeds in absorbing their skills, but Nth metal reacts releasing fire blast to protects Carter,but this only overload Morphicious.

Morphicious already was stronger than Carter and the Nth metal enhanced his stats even more. He claimsthat carter doesn't mastered the Nth metal,there is much more power in it than he realizes.

Apparently the Nth metal gradually restores his memory as is show while he is reading alien language which porpably encountered before on Thanagar.

The Savage Hawkman 3

Goes after Morphicious' pod to discover a way to defeat it,suddenly the pod self destruct but Carter was able to escape from blast radius.

I a single strike break a wall of the N.L.A.S. Helping Askana battle Morphicious and his horde.

The Savage Hawkman 4

While handle Morphicious,Carter demonstrated the ability to concentrate the energy blast in certain parts of the armor,so that in addition to cutting the opponents can also burn them.

Saving Askana from Morphicious plague and quickly goes after him.

Hawkman goes berserker giving a energy enhanced punch through his chest, then push it to a cryo lab and uses concentrated hydrogen to end its threat.

After defeated Morphicous quickly catchs Kane's helicopters,holding for over a minute and tear off its door.

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The Savage Hawkman 5

Carter had visions of zombies around the city,its seems the Nth metal gives precognition of threats that are related with it.

After touch a mysterious book Carter had vision of the Mortis Orb,which seems to be related with the Nth metal.

Attacked by spirits Carter get wounded,but was recovering at the same time.

The Savage Hawkman 6

Gentleman Ghost claims Carter didn't discover all the truth behind the Nth metal and it's beyond the plane of existence,since its magical in origin.

Surrounded by spirits Carter flee with Digby,throw him from higher heights and catchs before hit the ground.

Nth metal has anti-magic properties capable to disrupt magic,as it did with Gentleman Ghost's spells.

The Savage Hawkman 7

Tossing zombies like they're paper clip.

Defeating ghosts with a mix of swordsmanship and melee combat.

Survive of a deadly blast from Gentleman Ghost.

Handling Antartic temperatures wearing only pants.

The Savage Hawkman 8

Caught by surprise by Askana,Hawkman gets beaten until catchs her in the middle of a acrobacy.

Nthm metal hurts Carter every time its shows up,but he admits is getting acostumated with.

Battling shapeshifter hired to killed it,uses swords cut off their tentacles and burn the rest with energy blasts.

The Savage Hawkman 9

Quickly recovers of a electrical blast,shreds their enemie's armor leaving it to explode and throw it at another Deathbug killing both.

As demonstrated before his wings can be used as weapons,also quickly reacts to automatic pistol gunfire.

Survive of a explosion at point blank range.

Beats up Ironside and strike him at side of car with enough force to dent it,but ended being knock out by a electrical force field.

Hawkman has enhanced senses,as demonstrated scanning the arena.

The Savage Hawkman 10

Easily defetaed Xerxe's mercenaries,dodges energy blats and then knock out Ironside with a single punch.

Beaten by Xerxes,Hawkman claims it was only playing the fool to study it and simply plays Xerxes against a girder.

With one arm hurl Ironside with a damage armor against the roof,just to have a way out.

The Savage Hawkman 11

Nth metal can be triggered when he's in danger.

Despite Bastion being more agile,skilled and pierced a sword over his shoulder,he's still able to defeated him.

The Savage Hawkman 12

After shoot at Hawkman,Pike sstabbed and declared that Hawkman's healing factor was already acting while the wound is inflicted.

Despite Pike's sentient skycycle seems to be more faster Hawkman is able to catch it and reacts to machine gunfire.

Cutting armored steel cable.

Quickly recovered of Pike's purple haze gas.

The Savage Hawkman 13

Making a distraction so Emma could get a hidden gun,so tehy could escape.

Healing his wings after being impaled.

Take a blast from Xerxes and throws it like its nothing.

Green Arrow 14

Slicing Warhawks.

Thanagarians speedon flight is stated to e at 500 mph per hour.

Green arrow used a weapons designed to melt Warhawks armor,while Hawkman is dealing with them.

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Hawkman is awesome. I thought that theres a huge improvement in art and storyline after issue 8

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@sethysquare said:

Hawkman is awesome. I thought that theres a huge improvement in art and storyline after issue 8

I was going to say I wasn't aware this title was worth reading.

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@RoboShark: Joe Bennett's art is phenomenal. Its up there with Ivan Reis IMO. Philip Tan's art on the first 8 issues are hit and miss. Issue 1 was really good and then everything got really inconsistent afterwards.

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Deathstroke 14

Although Slade proved able to cope with it,Hawkman's strength and durability proved to be too much for him.

Hawkman explains to Slade what is the true Nth metal capabilities,which enchanced the physical stats of the user.

The Savage Hawkman 14

Going berserker against the Warhawks

After smashing what appears to be a power generator,deduces that served to feed a portal which could be used to bring Thanagarians weapons to Earth.

The Savage Hawkman 15

Beats up the Warhawks ripping their wings.

Taking a steel girder on his face and it was not enough to knock him out, then Shayera throw others girders on him.

The Savage Hawkman 16

Enduring the pain of having metal torn from his body and because of the symbiotic link it always come back to Carter,not matter what happened.

Nth metal protects him from energy blast at point blank range.

Enduring more pain.

The Savage Hawkman 17

Nth metal can be triggered when Thanagrian weapons is nearly of it.

Flying at high speeds to find the thanagrain weapons,beat hard Ironside against the floor.

The Savage Hawkman 18

Handle Shadow Thief.

Impaled by shadow creatures use Nthe metalto cover the injuries and transform it to scary the shadow creatures,giving time to Aviva open a portal back to Earth.

The Savage Hawkman 19

Withstanding punches from Ziegler enhanced by a super-steroids and dodges some punches.

Withstanding punches from Blockbuster,who was treated with super-steroids for months,but ended being knocked out.

The Savage Hawkman 20

By sheer willpower escapes the pit where he was stuck

Due a psychological break the Nth metal triggered a new combat mode,which restored tehir wings and enhanced physical stats to unknow levels.

This new combat mode makes it able to match strength with Blockbuster (which is a 50 tonner).

Punches Desmond so hard that almost plays out of orbit.

Superman Annual 1

To avoid direct confrontation Lord Defile uses a minion to distract Hawkman and then knock him out,saying he's one of few heroes that can save the Universe.

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The first few issues of Hawkman was really cool, the art was great. But it got sidetracked for a while.

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Not quite sure that scan suggests Instantaneous regeneration. Simply a healing factor

#11 Posted by sethysquare (3843 posts) - - Show Bio

argh spoilers. I havent got to read my issue. lol

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I wish Hawkman was selling better. I simply love Joe Bennett's art. Its phenomenal.

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Yep. Joe Bennett is the reason I'm back buying Hawkman. Liefeld's writing is a bit simplistic, but much better than his writing on Deathstroke.

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What i like with the new Halk man he is not only strong but shows he is durable and so much tech and weapons .

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Hmm, seems like I might've made a mistake for dropping this.

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More pepole should read Hawkman, prejudgement is a bitch

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@Deranged Midget: There is still time for you to read previous issues, download it from some sites. I'm sure you will not regret

@Jonny_Anonymous:I agree, there are several great comic books that people do not have and / or do not pay attention,like Blue Beetle,Mister Terrific,Static Shock and Voodoo

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I'm liking the art? Is this from Liefield's run or a different writer?

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Wow Hawkman's even more of a badass in the New 52!

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@Deranged Midget: It's from Liefel's run,Hawkmans was drawning by Joe Bennet

@Lvenger: More than ever

#25 Posted by Deranged Midget (17723 posts) - - Show Bio

@matchesmalone21: Was it any good.

#26 Posted by matchesmalone21 (9008 posts) - - Show Bio

@Deranged Midget: Let's say that art is better than the writing, but some parts are saved only because of the co-writer,I recommen d you read the firts 8 issues,other editions also recommend reading more because the magazine will have connect with future stories and with some parts of DCnU like Grifter and Green Arrow

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@matchesmalone21: I've heard pretty decent things from Hawkman and I started reading Green Arrow from issue 7 and it's been steadily improving.

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@Deranged Midget:Hawkman before issues 9,it's pretty awesome..but after not even good or bad,it's just regular. Ye,Green Arrow is going better an dbtter,less issue 0 :(

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@Deranged Midget: I'm back

@jobbernos: @Lvenger: More scans

#33 Posted by Deranged Midget (17723 posts) - - Show Bio

@matchesmalone21: Wicked job with the scans mate, always on top of it.

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@matchesmalone21 cool, when is Liefelds last issue
#35 Posted by matchesmalone21 (9008 posts) - - Show Bio

@Deranged Midget: Thanks!!!!!

@Jonny_Anonymous: I think the issue 16 and Rob Liefeld didn't write,he just did a pre-script of the crossover (before he left) and Dc editor call the co-writer to finish it

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@matchesmalone21: I stopped getting it when Liefeld came on, is the co-writer taking over full dutys when he leaves or is there a new writer?

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Katar Hol needs both respect and some increase in sales to avoid cancellation.

#38 Posted by matchesmalone21 (9008 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jonny_Anonymous: Good question,unfortunnately Dc doesn't say a word about it!!

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@matchesmalone21: hmm anyway I might go back and get the ones I'm missing when I finish my DC embargo

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@Jonny_Anonymous: I hope that a great writer gets this title,maybe Johns comeback or who knows Joshua Hale Fialkov

#41 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (33974 posts) - - Show Bio

@matchesmalone21: JHF would be a great choice, I'd love to see that

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Agreed,he would gives Hawkman his epicness again

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Aquaman 16

Killing Atlantean soldiers
Took a cannon energy blast on his back and was only knockout.

Justice League 17

Hurting Ocean Master with a Nth metal dagger and killing some atlanteans and Trench creatures

@Jonny_Anonymous: @colonyofcells: More scans

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@matchesmalone21: I got the last two issues of Hawkman, it's pretty good, not great but still good.
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Dc should make nth metal as strong as Inertron. I would like to see a fight between Katar Hol and Superman. For a more powerful Katar Hol, maybe dc can try a 100% metal look similar to the Infinity Inc Silver Scarab or Reach blue beetle Jaime Reyes or the cartoon silver hawks.

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@colonyofcells: @KatarHol5790 @ReVamp @BloodTalon:more scans

Justice League of America 1

Hawkman is considered to take down Aquaman.

Killing the Thanagarian criminal know as Byth and being a JLA member grants him diplomatic immunity.

Justice League of America 2

Scarying everyone around.

Justice League of America 3

Uses the wings to ward off the gas.
Take a blast from Vibe which shattered the robots and is quite fine after that.

Justice League of America 5

Taking amount of ridiculous punishments fromShaggy Man,having having broken bones and losing a fatal amount of blood and still fighting.
Taking a blast from Stargirl.

After the blast take on Shaggy Man once more.

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I really like the fact the Nth metal has bonded with Hawkman

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Damn....Hawkman should gain far more popularity.

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Great respect thread, I have to pick up the comics now!